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Readers Respond: Song Lyrics as Music Therapy for Single Parents

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Music therapy can help you process your feelings and move on from painful experiences. What are some of the songs that have been most meaningful to you, personally, in your journey as a single parent? Use the form below to share them with our readers. (Note: You do not have to be a registered member to participate.) Share Your Favorites

"To Zion"

Tells the story of when Lauryn Hill had her son Zion, choosing to go against advice and keep him. Kinda makes me feel more empowered when I listen to it.
—Guest Lauren


Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten" reminds me that my life's story is still unfolding. Each day, I'm making things a little bit better for my son and I!
—Guest Sarah T.

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Song Lyrics as Music Therapy for Single Parents

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