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Win Child Custody: Dos & Don'ts to Live By

A single dad having breakfast with his son.

Nervous about your child custody case going before the court? Find out what you need to do -- and not do -- in order to win.

Child Custody Resources for Single Parents
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Use a Home Study to Regain Custody

Preparing for a home visit? Learn what to expect and how to use the experience to your benefit during a child custody evaluation.

6 Reasons to Attend Back-to-School Night With Your Ex

Not sure you want to make the effort? Here are 6 reasons to reach out to your ex and invite him or her to attend your kids' Back-to-School Night this year.

Single Mom Breastfeeding Q&A

As a single mom, breastfeeding is still an option—even if you share custody. Learn how to make it work with these tips.

9 Signs Your Kids Are Overscheduled

Worried that your kids are overscheduled? Learn to recognize these 9 telltale signs that your kids really do have too much going on in their lives.

How to Stop Overscheduling Your Kids

Learn how to set priorities & cut back on overscheduling your kids. Includes tips for addressing the issue with the other parent, as well.

Single Parenting Tips

As a new single parent, do you struggle with your sudden independence? Learn how to get through the first year single with these practical tips.

5 Things Your Kids Need From You as They Cope With Family Change

Family change has a huge impact on kids. Find out what all kids going through family change and transition need, from being included to being about to express themselves.

2014 Tax Free Weekend in the U.S.

Find a 2014 tax-free weekend in a state near you and save money on back-to-school purchases like clothing, school supplies, electronics, and more.

5 Types of Family Court Cases

Wondering what types of cases family courts usually handle -- along with typical rulings for each? Here are the 5 most common family court cases.

Prepare for a Difficult Child Custody Battle

Facing a difficult custody battle with your ex? Learn how to prepare, from reviewing your court documents to readying yourself mentally & physically.

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