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Readers Respond: Share Your Experiences Using Plenty of Fish For Online Dating

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POF is a Big Scam

The site is a scam and you get a viruses by logging on to POF. I think the owner is a big scammer!
—Guest mick

I Met My Soulmate Through POF

Hi, my name is Jackie and I met Brian through POF last year... He made me his favorite. I checked out his profile... I noticed that on his page he preferred not to say if he had a car or not, so I sent him a quick note saying "What?! You don't have a car?!" His response was, "Yes I do, so what time should I pick you up?" We met the next day and we have been inseparable since... I love Brian so much. We have been living together for a few months now. We compliment and help each other in so many ways. We've never been so in love in our lives, and we are going to get married soon!
—Guest old guestname Vivalajuicy84

So Bad!

All of my friends and family, and even girls, tell me I look like a model. But when I went on Plenty of Fish, not one girl would give me the time of day beyond chatting. It's a horrible site!
—Guest manitsucks

Regular Guys Get Little Response

It seems to me that most women on dating sites say that they are looking for a regular guy or that "one special person," etc. but what they are really looking for are young, tall, ripped guys. I always take time to write well-worded emails to each one, and I always send a picture, but the majority of them don't even bother to read my profile because I'm a regular, middle-aged guy, with average looks. I probably get a response from around 1 in 20. And most of them disappear after a couple of messages. The women on this site wouldn't accept this, but they generally are not interested in what I would describe as an average guy. The whole thing is a waste of time for guys like me!
—Guest Ian1065

Sense of Humor/Grain of Salt Required

I imagine that the actual percentages of people making a real connection via POF is fairly low. If your expectations are high, POF will be a frustrating and disappointing experience. I know a couple of people in real life on POF, and one of the profiles is shockingly dishonest. You just have to be smart and cautious, taking the time to get to know people a little. The best way to meet people is still by good old-fashioned happenstance. If you meet someone in real life, the face-to-face is already behind you and the mutual interest is already in place. There's going to be a high level of disfunction when people go into a situation with their guard up, so it's a Catch-22.
—Guest MadIrish

Same OId...

I have gone on and off this site for about a year and a half. I still see a lot if the same girls on there. I must say also, there are a lot of fat and ugly girls on here. I am a very attractive male and had success in meeting very attractive females on pay sites. You obviously get what you pay for! A bit of advice: wintertime is slim pickings. During the summertime, there are tons of women on dating sites!
—Guest Top Dog

I Met the Love of My Life

I met the love of my life on Plenty of Fish, and will be getting married in June. Any dating websites will have bad feedback, but I was on a few and Plenty of Fish was the best!
—Guest Mimi


The first coffee date was with a wise-ass who already had a hotel room for us. (Yeah, right!) The second was with the sweetest talker alive. He ended up trying to scam me..(Trust me, if I had the money he was looking for I would have lost it!) The third, John, was short and sweet but again looking for a piece of ass. (Not going there!) Mike was a very nice man without a job...(Hello, do I have to pay for all our dates? Bye, Mike!) Wow, my dream man: Bob... We dated for a few months. We're no longer together, but I smile from time to time.....
—Guest guess

Women of POF

Women in the Atlanta area on POF spread lies about men all the time. It's really is sad.
—Guest Justme505050


People get addicted to these sites. I know as I met a man on POF. I caught him on it twice. I went on as someone else and he messaged me. A lot married men are one there, too.
—Guest amb

POF: A True Addiction

I have been on POF for over a year and have noticed the same pattern with the men that use that site. I have talked to countless men, dated quite a bit, made my best friend on there, and became serious with two guys. Both times, even after a few months, they are constantly receiving messages and online. It's a serious addiction to some men to have their cake and eat it, too. Most are recently divorced and can't believe how easy it is to date one woman and still keep their options open. It seriously becomes an addiction and you never feel safe or that you ever really had a chance. Not just with POF, but the downfall of all online dating is the temptation to check if your loved one is online and finding out they are on there all the time. Whether they are actually dating other people is irrelevant at that point, because the trust factor has already been ruined. This is just one person's experience though...
—Guest Kat1077

POF Success, Against All Odds...

I met the guy I've been dating for the past year 3 years on POF. At that time I was only looking to "move on" after 20 years with the same man. I wasn't looking for a relationship, and I was frank about that fact in my profile. I did a search for my "ideal" man, and found one match to my criteria. However, his profile said he was looking for a long-term relationship (LTR), so I didn't message him. (I also think it's better if the man makes the first contact.) He saw that I'd looked at his profile and messaged me, "I saw that you were checking me out, now I'm checking you out." I explained that although I felt he looked FINE, his profile said he was looking for a LTR, and I, after just recently ending a 20-year marriage, wasn't there yet. He responded, "It doesn't start with a LTR, it starts with just one date - let's do it!" So we did... and here we are, 3 years later... I tell people "we're going nowhere fast," but that's by design. We're both single parents to teens, and we don't want to uproot the kids.
—Guest LadyCrewel

The Exception

I agree most guys on there are looking for sex, and a lot of girls are just there for the attention of men or to gain what they can. I went on just to give it a go, as I was sick of the usual dating scene that occurs mainly in pubs or on short encounters you don't learn much from. I did get a few men who were full of themselves and others who sent abusive messages when I didn't reply right away! But then after about a month I spoke to a lovely man. We ended up meeting, and he was amazing. We have been together ever since and I'm expecting our first child. He is the exception to most of what I found on there. So just look until you find the exception!
—Guest Kj

Some of the Men are Bi or Gay

I was on POF not long ago. I met what I thought was a great man! We closed our accounts and started dating. I met his family, including his son. But about two weeks ago I found out he had open a new account (since when, I don't know). He is looking for a "Real Honest Woman" He is addicted to porn, has pics of his ex-girlfriend everywhere at is place, and I found out he is chatting with men on Yahoo because he claimed himself bi-sexual! He has done it before and was looking for it. He was chatting with men as late as Dec. 14, just before I broke up with him. So I wish he had told me all that because clearly I am not interested. I have nothing against that, but I did not sign up for that at all. Be careful, ladies! He is on POF again. I can't reveal his username but PLEASE be careful. I'd get out of there before getting emotionally attached. He will open the door, pay for everything, and say what you want to hear. He is good at that. He makes you feel beautiful, but deep down he's not out of the closet yet... Because he is definitely gay!
—Guest Thebacholerette1

Welsh Lady

OK... POF is a dating site. It's free, as the guy who set it up felt you shouldn't have to pay to make contact with people. Think of a night out. You meet a few men... They are are ok. Do you end up with someone you hardly know sometimes? Yes. There are some strange people online, but use your head and ignore the crap ones as you would if you were out. I had a few nice dates, but sadly they didn't work out. I had a relationship for 8 months that I pulled out of as I wanted more and time together was an issue. Now I have met a really lovely single, educated working guy that I really like and would love to spend time with. I can only trust my feelings and instincts, but two months down the line it's great!! Give it a go and ignore the idiots. Look for the nice people. After all, you are on there and you think you're OK! Contact, email, chat on phone if it feels right... Give it a go! You can always say goodbye, but it might be the one you hoped to meet :-)
—Guest Sharon

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