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Readers Respond: Share Your Experiences Using Plenty of Fish For Online Dating

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Too Funny

Okay, wake up people. It's a free online dating service, which means that any- and every-one can sign up. So to the women complaining that the guys lie and just want sex - to be brutally honest - "Duh, c'mon! It's 2012, people." We as human beings are visual creatures. If you see a beautiful woman or guy's picture, um, "laws of attraction," and this does go both ways. I agree that there are a lot of douches on POF, but you have to take the good with the bad. On a side note, guys like to have sex with pretty women, so what do you expect? Especially with some of the pictures I have seen! Again, I'm not saying its right, but I hear this all the time from women on dating apps, websites, etc. It's not right - again - but probably the majority of guys who contact you are going to want to sleep with you....I'm just saying! So I say just ignore it, but it's definitely not a one way street with the games that go on on that site. So just simply block and keep it moving... Again, it's a free site, so - yeah - you're going to get some winners!
—Guest Wow

I Want All Guys to Quit POF

More lovely dates for me, obviously! I've had, sometimes, too many dates in the short time I've been with Plenty of Fish. The title of this message isn't really serious, because I'm looking for one person, not endless e-mails, chats and dating. But not everybody is on POF for that special person. You just have to accept that it'll take a bit of effort to find someone right for you, just like in really life.
—Guest Itsgooood


I have chatted with men who turn out to be nothing like their profiles, I have emailed nice guys, and I have contacted men who seem to be married because of their suspicious behavior. I recently sent messages to a man who ACTUALLY wanted to meet, but somehow my messages to him were deleted...Why? The wife? He became irate and blocked me. So, guys, please consider that the woman MAY HAVE responded, but something went wrong in the transmission! Overall? POF has been a disappointing experience, and it has been almost two months and NO meetings yet. Ridiculous!
—Guest amaryllis

Wow! Really?

After seven months of dating, wear and tear on my vehicle, gas money, and my time and feelings, I think we're done! I had a most excellent time with this guy I met on POF, but sadly - or should I say fortunately? - I found out who he really was on New Years Eve, 2012. He got so drunk that he didn't remember a lot of the evening. He started a fight and had four bouncers on him. He almost got us thrown out, and flirted so heavily with our waitress that by the end of the evening, she came and ask me, "Are you two a couple?" I'm like, "Um, ya." Then she looks at my guy sideways and walks off. I think some face time happened between them. But, hey, here's the kicker: "This was all my treat!" For someone who boasts about respect, I asked him this: "Where was the respect for me that night?" In my opinion, alcohol only enhances what already exists in someone. So remember POFers, "People will always SHOW you who they are!"
—Guest Just Me

What is a Dating Site For, Anyway?

People seem to think that POF is perfect. It is not. It is a dating site. People need to think about what a dating site is. For me, it is just one place to possibly meet people - and perhaps that one special person whom one would like to spend a lot of time with. But primarily, a dating site is just a starting point. A relationship comes with time. Having a decent profile on a dating site means having an opportunity to meet someone new. It does happen. I have no problem meeting new people - even without a picture on the site. One suggestion I do have for screening out "undesirables" is to set up an anonymous user on Skype (i.e. make up a user profile) and communicating via Skype initially. This way, one can talk to and view the person, which is better than a phone conversation. (Although it's somewhat difficult if one is using a public computer at the local library - but then, that is what friends are for!) Good luck to all in your search for that special someone.
—Guest Steve

POF: Pathetic Original Failure!

I have been with this site for some time, and in this time my account was canceled twice! I have proof that I did not nothing to violate their Terms of Service. After the first delete I made another account and took regular snap shots using my phone to prove this. Because there was a malfunction in their iPhone app, and I pointed it out to them. It deletes emails even when I did not delete them. Emailing them proved to be a waste of time because the moron on the other end needed me to retype everything three times! How much more clear could I be telling them the information? Either way - because they were too stupid to be able to fix the issue or too inattentive to it - my account was canceled to save face. It's a pathetic site with pathetic people running it. And even more pathetic than that are many of the females who are nothing more than trophy hunters!
—Guest 4cipher

It's Now Been 8-9 Months...

There's been more activity, but still no result: Only one date... and that's it in all that time! I've been faved three times... 22 on the wantstomeet... but none of that means anything. It's who you meet in real life that is the end goal. So here's my advice: Open a profile, go straight to the forums and get (and follow) advice on making your profile (so you don't waste time)... Then, if after a few months you are getting minimal attention, sack it before you waste too much of your life on it... It works for some people and not for others. And to be honest, as a guy, if you're average looking (or even slightly above) you better have low standards to meet anyone. (That's just my theory.)
—Guest gv again!

Men "Mirror" Women to Get What They Want

I've been on POF for six months. I met a player from Columbus, Nebraska. I never paid him much attention at first because he had four kids with four different women. But he kept writing to me, so I started chatting with him. His motto on his page is "no cheaters or liars," so I gave him a shot because we got along. He used to tell me that he would make me fall in love with him, and I would deny it because we lived far away from each other. To make a long story short, I did fall for him! We would text and call each other everyday for three months, all the time. Plus, we'd video chat. He wanted me to spend the weekend with him, so I did. We had a nice weekend, but after I went home he slowly stopped talking to me. When I asked him what was wrong, he never did give an answer. He gotten what he wanted (sex) that weekend, and kicked my feelings to the ditch. What's worse is he used his two boys to get to know me. I found out later that he'd been in prison for selling meth, and his ex was into drugs, too. He gave me the gift of herpes after telling me that he had never had an STD. He's 40 yrs old, too. He's not a kid! Watch out on POF.
—Guest GoodUsed SweetHeart

Bad Calls

I've been on Plenty of Fish for a few years, on and off. The bad thing is I've had three calls from women claiming to be the wife of the guy I've been dating. I wonder if they are genuine or jealous ex-lovers. Either way, I can do without it!
—Guest Anna

There is No Real Love; It's All a Joke

I have come to one conclusion: online dating should be completely avoided by men. I have tried Match, Chemistry, and eHarmony, and they are all the same old bull if you're a guy. They are even worse then POF, though, because you have to pay for them. There are way too many shallow profiles, like “I love life”, Ii am a real catch”, “I am a real real sweetheart”, “I have tons of great and caring friends,” blah, blah, blah. Then you have to look at ridiculous photos with pictures of their cellphones in their hands, pictures taken with several other people, in bars, with whited out ex’s. There is no individuality in most of these women’s profiles, very little about what type of person they are, what THEY have to offer a guy. Sadly, if you look at one girl’s profile, you might as well say you’ve read them all. Only on occasion will you get a decent profile.

Not a Good Dating Site!

I was on POF for a little while and had many messages, calls, and dates from different men. I have noticed that the men on here (vs. other dating sites) tend to be looking to get laid a.s.a.p. It has been a huge disappointment for me and I closed my account.
—Guest Me

Good Experience

Believe it or not, there are some good and honest people on POF. I met my current girlfriend on there, and she is terrific!
—Guest derek777

Freaks on POF

I met someone on here who phoned me every day for three weeks. Then I met him twice and realized he was a scammer when he asked me to do a drug drop. Hence, I never saw him again.
—Guest pof

My Experience on POF

I actually met my current boyfriend on Plenty of Fish after about two months, and that was nearly two years ago. I admit I did get a lot of unwanted messages at first, but I made use of the site's filter options and stuck to messaging back and forth first before any dates. Knock-backs and no answers are to be expected on any dating site, so you have to learn to roll with the punches. Common sense tells you to to talk more beforehand and not rush things. This gets better results, as does a well-written profile.
—Guest Randompie


They are literally on here to bring guys down. I've spoken to two nicer girls in two days, but the fact of the matter is that most legit girls get put off because they are constantly commenting on their breast size or their body. This website is purely fake and should not be joined!
—Guest tim

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