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Readers Respond: How Do You Find "Me Time" as a Single Parent?

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Finding me time is a huge challenge for many single parents. Let our readers know how you carve out "me time" for yourself by sharing your tips and experiences. Responses may be tips you employ regularly, or sporadically. And remember, even "baby steps" toward taking care of yourself are important!

Mommy Time

I have found that the best way to obtain "Mommy Time" is to allow my girls to each have a friend over for the night. This technique allows the kids to occupy themselves without mommy feeling guilty for anything. It is a win-win situation. But this is something that you should plan ahead of time. Make sure you have snacks and recreations to keep them busy with each other. When I allow my 9-year-old old and 5-year-old this opportunity, most of the time they play the whole time and I never hear a peep out of them the whole time their friends are over. This gives me some major relaxation time or allows me to catch up on deep cleaning and laundry!

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