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Readers Respond: What Dating Rules Do You Live By?

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Consider your own self-imposed dating rules for a moment. What is most important to you? Is it physical attraction? A sense of connection? Trust? Common interests? Share what's most important to you in this "Readers Respond" feature. Share Your Dating Rules

Dating Rules

They need to love children. They need to love themselves. They need to be ambitious and actively working toward goals. They need to love their family. They need to have the same values and similar interests as me. They need to have an excellent sense of humor and some kind of interesting talent. They must not be insecure or overtly egotistical, either, and they must see me as potentially equal.
—Guest ButterflyGenocide

HIV Testing

All potential partners MUST be tested before intimacy!
—Guest Julie

Share Your Dating Rules

What Dating Rules Do You Live By?

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