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Readers Respond: Best Activities for Maintaining the Bond With Your Kids

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Initially, you bond with your kids when they are infants. However, it's also important to maintain that bond throughout their childhood--and beyond.

You do this already, without even thinking about it, every time you listen to your kids, play with them, or simply allow your actions to demonstrate the unconditional love you have for them.

When you feel like your parent-child relationship needs a quick boost, though, what activities work best for you to renew that critical bond you share with your kids? Take a moment to share your best strategies and activities with our readers.

15 Minutes With Your Children

My children are of kindergarten going age. I have had to include a lot more activities to do together with my children such as: 1. Doing homework together - This has helped me understand my children's attitude towards certain subjects and activities, and I have helped them cope as a super baby mum. 2. Time keeping - Helping children understand the importance of time management is very crucial in bonding. This has helped me learn to set priorities and be there for them on time. 3. I bought a globe map to help my children and I understand the global perspective on things, and this has increased their interest in recognizing and reading print. 4. Buying a notice board at home where everyone pins an idea or event and then it is read by everyone. Here the spirit of appreciation has been built and everyday my children look toward my coming home, knowing that when we have 15 minutes, we'll be doing all these interesting activities together!
—Guest Deborah K


Everyday when I pick my 6-year-old daughter up from the bus stop, we talk about her day. We talk about the highlights, the lowlights, and the in-between. Not only does it keep our line of communication open and keep me in the loop with what's going on inside that pretty head of hers and what's going on in school, but in the long run it will teach her that in life there is the good, the bad, and all off the in-between stuff. And in the end, it's all good because looking at life through this lens teaches us to keep things in perspective.
—Guest Care77

Play "Remember When"

My son and I tell stories (that can turn into fish stories or a Whale of a Tale). I find the sense of humor he developed at 4 to be the point where the story telling took off. We would tell something we did that day, and then something fantastic we wished we would do - like jumping up and down on the moon or have a party with Dinosaurs in their underpants. Now his recollection of events is superb, and we write and illustrate homemade "books" together.
—Guest Annette

Have Dinner Together

One of the best activities to maintain the bond with my kids each and everyday is by having dinner together at the table. We talk about our day, laugh, and just discuss the random, interesting, and funny events that happened to them at school. In addition, every night before they go to sleep, we pray together.
—Guest Angela

Share Your Bonding Tips

Every night over dinner we each share something that was good about our day. We also name something that we're thankful for, and we make a point on a regular basis to tell each other what we love about each other.
—Guest Terry O.

We Read Together

The other night, my 10-year-old asked me to read a book out loud with him, taking turns with each chapter. Of course I had other things to do at the time, but I stopped what I was doing to lay down and read with him. I mean, how much longer is he going to want to do this kind of stuff with together, right? Before I know it, he'll probably be off with his friends, not wanting anything to do with me. LOL... So I try to take full advantage any time he initiates doing something like this together.
—Guest J.J.

Private Moments

I have three kids, and I like to try to take little private moments with each of them as often as possible. Sometimes it might be as mundane as taking only one along to the grocery store, when we can shop and talk without interruption. Other times it might be something a little more special. Yesterday, for instance, I slipped a little gift into my oldest's pocket when I picked her up from school. She'd been having a rough time and needed a little pick-me-up.

Best Activities for Maintaining the Bond

My suggestion is to give quality time to the kids and listen to them with your heart. Become like them. Get on their level and play along with them the games they play. Teach them the way they should go, and when they are grown up they will not forget it (Proverbs 22:6).
—Guest Wayengera Godfrey

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