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Readers Respond: Summer Child Care Options

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Finding summer child care options can be tricky. In the past, what has worked well for you? Share your suggestions here on our site.

How about going back to summmer camp?

I went to summer camp, and I worked at a camp before, too. It's fun. And if you put your mind to it, there are plenty of activities to do.
—Guest gitoya

Keeping in Touch With Your Children

I had a really rough time sending away my kids this summer to camp. Thankfully, a girlfriend of mine introduced me to a prepaid cellphone called TracFone. It was really convenient, and even let me pick out my minutes and days of service. I literally wound up just paying as I went, which made it so much easier on my pocketbook, as well as being a convenient way to keep in touch with my daughters. It was such a burden off my shoulders once I knew my girls were going to be safe because I was just a simple phone call away. I know they loved the phone too. And for me, as a single parent, it was so wonderful to know they were just a phone call away!

Calculate Days vs. Hours

I have some flexibility in my work schedule, and I figured out that I could get about the same day-care coverage each week by consolidating my work week into three long days, versus five shorter ones, as I had been doing. Since I pay by the day it is quite a bit cheaper.
—Guest cathy

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