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Work With Your Family Law Attorney

Your family law attorney, and all of the legal professionals in his or her office, are working with you toward one common goal. The following resources can help you find a lawyer, ask the right questions, and move your case along.

When to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer
A good child custody lawyer can help you win child custody. However, many parents wonder, "Do I really need a child custody lawyer?" Learn how to decide for yourself whether you need to hire a child custody lawyer for your case.

Pro Bono Representation
Pro bono representation can help single parents secure legal counsel without high-cost legal fees. Refer to this article to determine whether to choose a pro bono attorney for your child custody case.

Questions to Ask Your Family Law Attorney
Before you hire a family law attorney, take the time to interview him or her thoroughly to make sure your working styles and goals for the case are similar. Here are seven different categories of interview questions to ask during your initial consultation:

Finding a Lawyer Online
When you need to hire a family law attorney, where do you begin? Learn how to search for and find qualified lawyers online. Includes resources available through the American Bar Association.

Reasons to Use Mediation
Consider mediation as an alternative to an adversarial divorce, which can be extremely difficult for children. A professional mediator will guide...

Choosing a Child Custody Attorney
Working with a child custody attorney can help you win your case. However, choosing which attorney to work with can be daunting. Refer to this article for a better understanding of how to choose a child custody attorney.

Benefits of Collaborative Law
Collaborative law is a less adversarial method of reaching a child custody agreement. Learn how collaborative law and alternative dispute resolution can help you.

How to Find a Good Child Custody Attorney
Parents who may be intimidated about pursuing a child custody case on their own may seek the assistance of a child custody attorney. Learn how to find a good child custody lawyer in your area.

Hiring a Family Law Attorney
Wondering if you really need to hire a family law attorney? Find out with these tips -- including what to expect, how a retainer fee works, and more.

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