1. Parenting

The Impact of Special Circumstances on Child Custody

Child custody can be quite complicated when special circumstances are involved. What happens when the custodial parent dies? How do you secure temporary guardianship? Learn about these issues and more.

Help for High-Conflict Custody Disputes
Does your ex lash out at you regularly or try to antagonize you? Use these strategies to stay grounded.

Who Gets Custody When the Father is Not on the Birth Certificate?
Does the mother automatically get custody when the father is not on the birth certificate? Find out with this Frequently Asked Question about unwed mothers' rights.

Grandparents' Rights in Custody and Visitation
Grandparents have rights. Refer to this article to discover how to assert grandparents rights for custody and visitation situations.

When Same Sex Parents Become Single Parents
Same-sex parents are vulnerable to separations, too. Refer to this article to determine how a court might handle a child support or child custody case for same-sex parents.

Third Party Custody
Third party custody is often defined as custody of a child involving a non-parent. Refer to this article for an understanding of the factors considered in a third party custody suit.

Temporary Child Custody
Temporary custody is established during a separation and will sometimes be used as the final child custody agreement. Find out what you need to know about temporary custody proceedings.

Child Custody Following the Death of a Parent
The death of a parent is a very difficult time for children. It is especially difficult to determine who will get child custody of a child when a custodial parent dies. Refer to this article for an understanding of who gets child custody after the death of a custodial parent.

Third Party Custody in Another State
A third party is only entitled to child custody in their state in certain limited circumstances. Learn what a third party needs to do to get custody in their state.

Factors Used to Determine Child Custody for Same-Sex Parents
It is very difficult for same sex parents to get custody of a child. Same sex parents who want to get custody of a child should read this article for strategies to help same sex parents get custody.

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