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How Can I Save More Money During Tax Free Weekend?

Apply These Money-Saving Tips for Tax Free Weekend


As a single parent, you've learned by necessity how to make the most of every dollar, and back-to-school shopping is no exception. Take full advantage of your state's tax free weekend (or week) by applying the following tips:

1. Plan Ahead

Plan major purchases around your state's tax free weekend event. For example, if your state allows you to purchase school supplies, clothing, and shoes tax-free during the first weekend of August each year, use that time to purchase not just what you need right then, but what your children will need over the next several months. 

2. Compare Prices

Use the sales circulars in your Sunday paper to compare prices on the items you wish to buy. In addition, visit the web sites of several stores where you usually shop. For example, if you tend to buy your kids' jeans at Old Navy or The Children's Place, visit their web sites during tax free week to find out which store is offering the better deal. Do the same for items such as school supplies, computers, and even sneakers.

3. Use Coupons to Take Advantage of Special Deals

Some states will not allow consumers to use coupons during a sales tax holiday. Visit your state's tax free weekend event web page to learn about the rules that apply in your area. Even if coupons are not permitted, though, pay attention to your local stores' advertisements for "Early Bird" shopping hours and special deals that can add to your savings during tax free weekend.

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