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Resources for Newly Single Moms and Dads


As a newly single mom or dad, you may feel overwhelmed by the changes that are going on your life. Use the following resources to get the support and help you need for the days ahead.
  1. Help Your Children Adjust
  2. Cope as a New Single Mom
  3. Co-Parent With Your Ex
  4. Child Care Solutions
  1. Be a Better Parent
  2. Take Care of Yourself
  3. Extended Family & Support
  4. Start Dating Again

Help Your Children Adjust

Your recent separation or divorce is a big change for your children. Learn how to help them adjust with the following resources:

Cope as a New Single Mom

Whether you're pregnant and alone or recently separated while raising an infant, these resources can hep you make the key decisions you need to address.

Co-Parent With Your Ex

Learning how to co-parent well can be a big adjustment, even if you've managed to maintain a fairly amicable relationship with your ex. Use the following resources to learn how to communicate more effectively and work together for the sake of your kids.

Child Care Solutions

As a newly single parent, you may need more child care help than you did before. Use the following resources to secure quality child care and ensure that your kids are safe.

Be a Better Parent

Think about where you already excel as a parent and what you want to learn to do better. Here are some resources to help you get started:

Take Care of Yourself

As a single parent, much of your energy is focused on taking care of your children. However, taking the time to take care of yourself, too, will give you greater energy for being the mom or dad you really want to be.

Extended Family & Support

Relatives and Single Parent Support Groups can both be tremendous sources of support and encouragement.

Start Dating Again

The best advice on dating as a newly single parent is to slow down and not rush into another relationship. Take the time to focus on yourself and your children before adding a new person to your circle of closeness.

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