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Young Widows: How to Heal While Raising Kids Alone
Are you a young widow? Use these tips to help your kids cope with their loss while also taking care of yourself and your own needs.

Get Help in Your State
Find help in the state where you live -- from up-to-date child custody laws to your state's Office of Child Support Enforcement, support groups for single parents, and more.

Help for Newly Single Moms and Dads
As a newly single parent, it's natural to feel overwhelmed -- especially if changes you didn't ask for are being thrust upon you. Get the help and support you need with this collection of articles and resources for newly single moms and dads.

Single Parent Statistics in the U.S.
Find out how many single parents are raising children in the U.S., and how many children those single moms and dads are raising.

U.S. Directory of Single Parent Support Groups
Find a single parent support group near you, or add your group to our free online directory of single parent groups.

Non-Profit Organizations for Single Parents
Find non-profit organizations in your area that offer services specifically for single parents.

50 Ways to Help Single Moms
Here are 50 ways to lend a hand and build authentic friendships with the single moms you know.

You Know You're a Single Parent When . . .
Single mothers and fathers respond to the statement, "You know you're a single mother (or father) when . . . " Read their responses and add your own.

Use Our Site to Find the Help You Need
Learn how to find the articles and resources you need here at Single Parents at About.com.

Single Parent Help on Your iPhone or iTouch
Get reliable information on the go. Find out how to save our site to your iPhone or iTouch home screen.

Single Mom Myths
Single mom myths are all-too-prevalent in our society. Get the facts about single mom statistics and begin breaking down the myths.

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