1. Parenting

Successful Coparenting

Learn to work effectively with your ex as you collaborate in the most important task: raising your children.

Tips for Breastfeeding Around Your Baby's Visitation Schedule
Don't let shared parenting stop you from breastfeeding. Use these tips to make breastfeeding work for all of you.

Healthy Boundaries for Single Parents
Healthy boundaries are vital to creating the life you want. Find out what types of boundaries you need to create, and with whom.

What to Include in Your Parenting Plan
A parenting plan is vital to establishing a good working relationship with your ex. It outlines all of the miscellaneous details that come in to play for parents who share any amount of parenting time. Find out what to include in your parenting plan with these key tips.

Be Safe Sharing Facebook Photos
Facebook photos allow your online friends to see a glimpse of your life. However, it's important to be safe when selecting which pictures to post online. Find out what to post and what not to post with these tips for sharing Facebook photos.

Belongings - Kids' Belongings to Keep in Both Residences
Your kids' belongings are very important to them, obviously. And when it comes to living in two residences, it's important for your children to feel they have ample access their stuff. Here, you'll find a list of belongings to keep in both residences, to minimize the hassle of constantly leaving something important behind.

Parenting Plan - Make Your Parenting Plan Work Effectively
Parenting plan schedules should be one of the most effective co-parenting tools as your disposal. But making them work optimally for your family takes some effort. Here, share what has worked well for your family in making your parenting plan work, while still being flexible and manageable.

5 Techniques to Stop Arguing With Your Ex
Sometimes it begins with a negative or accusatory voice mail or text message. Other times all it takes is a dismissive look during your family's regular visitation exchange to reignite the near-constant anxiety and tension that exists between you and your ex. Fortunately, you have the power to put an end to this negative way of relating, by changing how you respond. Stop arguing with your ex b…

Shared Parenting Myths
Shared parenting refers to a joint custody arrangement where both parents share approximately equal parenting time. However, it is an option that is still widely misunderstood. Find out the truth about these six shared parenting myths.

My Ex is Very Inconsistent; Should I Just Tell Him Not to Call Anymore?
What are you supposed to do when the other parent just isn't making the time to be a consistent, predictable part of your child's life? Before you cut this person out of your kids' lives altogether, consider these ten questions.

What Can I Do If My Coparent Won't Bring the Kids to Church?
Many parents struggle with wanting their coparent to raise their children in one particular religion or faith, only to find that he or she isn't willing to bring the children to religious services. Learn what you can do to encourage your children's spiritual growth whether your coparent chooses to participate or not.

Interview With Children's Book Author, DK Simoneau
Children's book author, DK Simoneau, has some excellent advice for parents who are struggling to help their kids cope with regular transitions between mom's house and dad's house. Find out what you can do to make this difficult and sometimes stressful challenge easier on your kids.

Book Review of We're Having a Tuesday
We're Having a Tuesday, by DK Simoneau, tells the story of one little girl who is frustrated with going back and forth between her two parents' homes. Through the story she learns to cope with what's happening and identify what she loves about living with each parent separately.

Printable Parenting Plan Worksheets
There is a lot to think about when you're getting ready to write your formal co-parenting plan. Use this set of sample parenting plan worksheets to write out your parenting plan wishes and ensure that no critical issues are left out of your family's parenting plan.

Consistent Coparenting
Consistent coparenting requires a lot of work and collaboration. Find out how you can be more consistent with your coparent in several areas of your parenting, and how this can benefit your children.

Tips for Conducting Successful Coparenting Meetings
Successful coparenting requires good communication. Learn how to conduct weekly parenting meetings with your ex and print a free agenda you can use for each meeting.

Preparing an Agenda for Successful Coparenting Meetings With Your Ex
In order to establish a successful coparenting routine, you'll need to communicate effectively with your ex. Plan to conduct weekly coparenting meetings using this easy-to-follow, printable agenda.

Ways to Rebuild Trust With Your Ex
In order to co-parent effectively, you will need new ways of communicating with your ex. Find out what you can do to rebuild trust with your ex and get along for the sake of the kids. Includes practical ideas you can begin to implement right away.

When kids play parents against each other, what should they do?
Divorced parents have many challenges to face when it comes to raising their children collaboratively. One common pitfall is when kids attempt to play divorced parents off of one another. Learn what to do when with happens in your home.

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