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Child Support Resources for Single Parents

Next to custody, child support may be the biggest legal hurdle you face as a single parent. Whether you're a custodial parent seeking child support, or a non-custodial parent seeking more information about how child support is calculate, these resources can help.
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What You Need to Know About Child Support and Filing for Government Assistance
Should you file for child support or public assistance? Parents need to know that the state will file on your behalf, even against your wishes, when you file for government assistance. In addition, they will keep the child support money, as well. Find out the best way to file for government assistance without losing potential child support...

Remarriage and Child Support
Remarriage and child support bring up a lot questions. If a custodial mom remarries, will she continue to receive child support from her ex? And if a non-custodial parent marries, will his or her spouse have to chip in for increased child support payments. Find out the answers to these common questions and more.

Stop Child Support Payments
Although rare, there are times when both custodial and non-custodial parents agree to stop paying or receiving child support payments. However, the process may be rather involved, or even impossible, based on whether the court agrees to permit a parent to stop receiving child support payments.

Child Support Guidelines in All 50 States
Child support guidelines differ from state to state. Learn what to expect when filing for child support, or when a child support order has been filed against you, in the state where you live.

Learn How Child Support is Calculated
Child support calculation methods differ from state to state. Learn about the two most prominent methods of child support calculation used by the courts today.

Myths About Deadbeat Parents
In the public perception, it seems that a deadbeat is anyone who s ever fallen behind on child support payments. However, if you look at the wording of the Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act of 1998, a deadbeat is someone who chooses not to pay child support. It s a willful act. Many parents fall on hard times and find that they cannot...

Get the Child Support Help You Need

Having access to accurate child support information is critical. Use these resources to get the information you need for any step of the process, from deciding whether to file for child support to modifying an existing child support order.

Readers' Child Support Modification Stories
Child support modification may be necessary, but it isn't usually easy. Find out what to expect when you request a child support modification by reading these real-life reader stories. (And if you've filed for a modification yourself, take a moment to share your experience with us!)

Are You Eligible for Child Support Modification?
Child support modification is becoming more common due to the economy. Find out what you need to know about modifying your child support order, including when to request a modification, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Child Support
Get the answers to common child support questions, from what is considered a typical child support payment, to what child support can be used for, and more.

Decide Whether to File for Child Support
Child support is a sensitive issue for many single parents. Some single moms would prefer to make it on their own, without the financial support of an ex-spouse or ex-boyfriend. Others fear opening the door to the other parent's visitation rights. Find out what you need to know in order to decide whether filing for child support is the right...

What Are "Extraordinary Medical Expenses?"
Courts frequently order parents to cover "extraordinary medical expenses" without defining what exactly is meant by extraordinary. Learn what types of costs may be considered extraordinary medical expenses for child support purposes.

Recover Unpaid Child Support
Child support recovery is crucial for children who are owed back child support payments. Learn how to recover child support on behalf of your child.

Will Getting Married Again Impact Child Support Payments?
Many parents who are considering remarriage wonder whether that could lead to a child support modification down the road. Learn more about the impact of remarrying and how it factors into the courts' determination of child support.

Child Support Help
When major life events occur, such as death, disability, and unemployment, child support help is often needed. During these times, custodial parents will need help determining how to continue to collect child support, and non-custodial parents will need help determining how to continue to pay child support. Here is some information for parents...

Child Support Following a Parent's Death
The death of a parent is an event that will effect every aspect of a child's life, including child support. Refer to this article to determine how to handle child support when a parent dies.

Unpaid Child Support and Visitation
Unpaid child support can be extremely disruptive, and many custodial parents wonder whether the other parents has the right to continue visits with the child is payments cease. Refer to this article to determine how unpaid child support affects a parent's visitation rights.

Unemployment and Child Support
Child support collection has been hampered by rising unemployment rates. Refer to this article to determine how to handle child support payments when a parent is unemployed.

Disability and Child Support
Refer to this article to determine how parents should handle child support when a parent is disabled.

Child Support Statistics
Child support statistics are staggering. In 2007, more than $34.1 billion dollars was owed to custodial single moms and dads. Find out what the current child support numbers have to say about children being raised in single parent homes.

Failure to Pay Child Support is a Federal Offense
Child support payments should be paid on time and in full. Failure to pay child support payments will result in penalties. Refer to this article to learn what those penalties are and how the federal government handles child support non-payment.

Child Support Modification Guidelines
Child support modification may be considered when necessary, due to job loss or income reduction. Refer to these child support modification guidelines to learn about different types of court-imposed child support modifications.

Where to File for Child Support in Your State
Under Title IV-D of the Social Security Act, the U.S. government established the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE). However, the title of each state's OSCE office varies. Find out how to access both federal and local child custody resources in your state.

Before You Use a Private Child Support Collection Agency
There are several independent child support collection agencies out there that claim to help parents collect unpaid child support. However, in most cases, they can't really do any more for you than your local Office of Child Support Enforcement. Find out what questions you should ask before you use an independent child support collection service.

"Most Wanted" Deadbeat Parents
Most wanted deadbeat parents: Many counties are now making them, and the details of how much each individual owes, available online. Find out which states are currently making this information about deadbeat parents available.

Questions About Deadbeat Parents and Unpaid Child Support
Deadbeat is a word you hear tossed around quite a bit, but what does it really mean? Find out with this list of frequently asked questions about deadbeat parents and unpaid child support.

Child Support Payments and Unemployment
Child support payments may be modified in the case of unemployment or underemployment. Learn how child support payments are calculated when this happens how the courts approach the issue.

Emancipation and Child Support Payments
Emancipation of a child impacts child support payments. Refer to this article for an understanding of what happens to child support payments when a child is emancipated.

Child Support Enforcement
Child support enforcement is handled at both the federal and state level. Learn more about methods of child support enforcement and the government's a role in enforcing child support orders.

Methods of Child Support Collection
Refer to this article for an understanding of methods used to collect child support.

Incarceration for Non-Payment of Child Support
Incarceration is just one of the consequences parents face for non-payment of child support. Learn more about how the courts handle child support incarceration, including how long parents can be incarcerated and what parents can do to improve their situation.

Do Incarcerated Parents Still Pay Child Support?
It is very difficult to handle a parent's incarceration, especially when a custodial parent is dependent on an incarcerated parent's child support payments. Refer to this article for an understanding of what happens with child support payments when a non-custodial parent is incarcerated.

How the Federal Parent Locator Service (FPLS) is Used to Find Parents
The goal of the Federal Parent Locator Service(FPLS) is to work with several agencies to find parents and ensure that children have the opportunity to be financially supported by both parents. Learn more about the Federal Parent Locator Service and who can utilize its services.

Child Support Payments
It is difficult to understand the components of child support payments and what factors may affect child support payments. Learn more about how child support is calculated, what happens when child support is unpaid, and how to collect back child support payments. In addition, several events may allow parents to decrease or stop making child...

Child Support Income and School-Aged Children
Do you ever wonder how to spend child support income received from a non-custodial parent? Parents with school-aged children who want more information about which expenses should be covered by child support payments should read this article.

Child Support Income and Toddlers
When you're raising a toddler, you may not be sure how to spend child support income. Should it be used for immediate expenses, or should you save some for later? Learn how to best use your child support income when you're raising a toddler.

Child Support Payments and Teenagers
Child support payments can be used for a variety of purposes, including daily necessities, entertainment, and more. Find out how to use child support income to meet your teen's dynamic needs.

Should the Attorney General Be Involved in My Child Support Case?
Certain states use an Attorney General to obtain or enforce child support payments. Learn more about the role of the Attorney General in the child support enforcement process.

What Information Do I Need Before I File for Child Support?
Navigating the child support system can be difficult. Learn more about child custody laws and what to expect with this Q&A about various child support issues.

Child Support and Unwed Mothers
Unwed mothers often wrestle with whether to file for child support against the child's father. The decision depends on several different factors. Find out what you need to know about filing for child support as an unwed mother.

Child Support and Right to Counsel
A parents' right to counsel isn't always clear, and yet it may be difficult for parents to navigate the court system when they are held in contempt due to child support nonpayment. Find out what to do if you require the services of an attorney but are ineligible for court-appointed legal services.

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