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Taking Care of Yourself as a Single Parent

Parenting well requires that you take excellent care of yourself. After all, taking care of yourself enables you to take care of your kids. Therefore, it's important to consider your own emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, and relational needs. The resources you'll find here will help you find the time and means to take care of yourself and maintain your own life as you work hard to raise your children.
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8 Tips for Single Parenting on Your Own
Are you tired of doing it all on your own? Learn how to manage your life, ask for help, and build a community of support around your family.

Why People Judge Single Moms
Single moms often face negative attitudes from the general public, and - more specifically - from married parents. Learn what's behind the prevalence of judgmental attitudes and what you can do about it.

Survive the First Year Single
The first year as a single parent is a time of transition. Full of changing emotions and uncertainty, this is a time when you need to be surrounded by support. These practical steps will help you get through these difficult months and start building a new life for your family.

Avoid Single Parent Burnout
Are you feeling run-down and out of energy? Its time to start taking care of yourself so that you can maintain the energy you need to take care of your kids. Start applying a few of these quick and easy self-care strategies, and see if you notice any change in your stress level, stamina, or mood.

10 Ways to Get Over Him and Move On

Everyone tells you to move on with your life, but that's not so easy to do.  Here are ten ways to speed your own healing process and begin to get over the hurt and pain you've had to face.

What Helped You Move On After a Breakup?
"Move on." It's a phrase you've heard more than once. But what really helps a person get over the hurt and build a new life? Find out what has helped others with this "Readers Respond" feature.

Quiz: Are You Taking Good Care of Yourself?
As a single parent, taking care of yourself is critical. Not only does it contribute to good health, but it also helps you to maintain the energy and stamina you need to raise your kids. Use this interactive self-care quiz to find out how you’re doing, get new ideas, and learn to take even better care of the most important person in your kids' lives.

Set Goals for the Next 12 Months
Be proactive about building the life you want for yourself and your kids. This list of resolutions includes practical steps such as taking care of yourself, making friends, looking at the big picture, and more.

Find Time to Exercise as a Single Parent
Finding the time to exercise is a huge challenge for busy single parents, and yet regular exercise can be a powerful tool in warding off depression and maintaining your stamina. Learn how to make exercising fun and doable with this easy workout plan that you can do right alongside your kids.

How to Let Go of Single Parent Guilt
Don't let guilt paralyze you! Learn how to cope with self-imposed guilt and give yourself permission to live a happy, fulfilling life.

10 Ways to Ease Single Parent Anxiety
Use these 10 anxiety-busting practices to feel more calm -- so you can face whatever comes your way with confidence!

How to Cope When You Feel Isolated as a Single Parent
Feeling alone and isolated? Use these strategies to conquer that feeling and gain a fresh perspective.

Tips for Single Parenting a Child With Special Needs
Raising a child with special needs? Learn how to manage your time and take care of yourself, too, so that you really can be there for your child in the long term.

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