1. Parenting

Understanding Paternity and its Role in Child Support Collection

Paternity refers to the legal declaration of one particular individual as being the father of a child/children. Find out how paternity affects child support, and why it's important to formally establish paternity.

The History of Child Support in the U.S.
Every wonder when child support started and how it's changed over the years? Get this facts with this overview of the history of child support in the U.S.

Accuracy of Home Paternity Testing
Parents who may need a paternity test can choose between a traditional test and an at home paternity test. Home paternity tests are becoming very popular. The question becomes whether the at-home paternity tests accurate. Let's explore the pros and cons of taking home paternity tests.

Paternity Fraud
Fathers may become victims of paternity fraud in certain, unforeseen circumstances. Paternity fraud has an effect on biological fathers as well as the fathers that believe they are biological fathers.

How to Establish Paternity
To establish paternity is the first step toward establishing a child support order. But there is more to it than just child support. Find out why and how to establish paternity.

What Constitutes Proof of Paternity?
Proof of paternity is a necessary part of applying for child support. However, what constitutes proof of paternity? Find out what documents to bring with you when you apply for child support.

How Do You Determine Paternity for Child Support
Before child custody obligations can be determined courts must determine paternity. Learn how your state might handle questions about paternity.

Paternity Testing
A parent may seek a paternity test to establish a link between the father and the child. However, there are several complications involved in paternity testing, so parents should be prepared with appropriate knowledge of paternity testing procedures.

Parental Rights and the Effects of Signing an Acknowledgment of Paternity Form
A father may prefer to be added to the child's birth certificate as he may believe this action will guarantee him certain rights. However, an acknowledgment of paternity does not provide an absolute guarantee of paternal rights. Find out what an formal acknowledgment of paternity is and what it does for fathers.

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