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Relevant parenting resources for single parents.
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5 Ways to Raise Resilient Children
Resilient children aren't just born with the ability to bounce back from adversity. They learn it from others. Use these tips to help your kids develop this all-important life skill.

6 New Approaches to Sibling Rivalry
When it comes to sibling rivalry, parents are often told to “ignore it unless there’s blood.” However, you don’t have to be a helicopter parent to feel uncomfortable ignoring conflict between your children. Instead, use of these six unconventional strategies for dealing with sibling rivalry.

5 Ways to Help Your Kids Manage the Effects of Divorce
The effects of divorce can be devastating for children. However, when parents work together to intentionally help their children manage the effects of divorce, those same children can often come through the divorce as stronger, more resilient individuals. Whether you're getting ready to announce your separation , or you've been divorced for a...

Single Parenting Polls
Do you ever wonder how other single parents handle the same issues you face? Take a look at the polls we've run here at Single Parents at About.com, and add your vote to the mix.

Prepare Your Kids for Emergencies
To kids, emergencies are things that mom or dad usually handle. What if you weren't home, though? Would your kids know what to do? Prepare your kids for emergencies with these practical tips.

Single Parenting Tips & Advice
Do you ever wish you could sit down with a single mom or dad—someone whose parenting skills you really respect—and ask them for advice on every aspect of raising kids alone? Create that experience at home by reading through these reader-submitted parenting tips.

How to Handle Different Parenting Styles
How do you cope with having completely different parenting styles without compromising your values or constantly being "the bad guy?" Here are some tips for establishing your own authority with your kids, regardless of how your ex chooses to discipline (or not).

Help Your Children Cope With Your Divorce
Your children will learn how to cope with your divorce by watching you. Learn how to demonstrate effective coping skills and be there for your kids during this difficult time.

Child Abandoment: Help Your Child Cope With a Parent's Absence
Help your child cope with the loss and shame associated with a parent's choice not to be involved. Includes various effects of child abandonment to look for, as well as suggestions for how to help your child cope.

Protect Your Child From Bullies
Learn how to prepare your child to face a bully -- from ignoring him to asking an adult for help. Includes practical tips for what to do when an adult is the bully, too.

Effective Sibling Rivalry Solutions
Episodes of sibling rivalry make your job as a parent that much harder. Find out how other moms and dads deal with this issue and what seems to work best to calm kids down and lessen the competition between them.

5 Strategies for Teaching Kids About Stranger Danger
Stranger danger is a huge fear for parents. Learn how to best teach your children to rely on their own instincts and stay safe out in the real world.

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