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Resources for Military Single Parents

Due to the possibility of being deployed, military single parents face a different set of challenges as they raise their children. These resources can help you prepare for deployment, stay in touch with your children, and more.

Child Support, Custody, and Visitation for Military Single Parents
There are over 10,000 single parents 1 deployed on active military duty. Unfortunately, military law, which governs military servicemembers, is different from state law. Generally, a state court works with a military court to determine child support, custody and visitation cases for military single parents. The following resources can help military single parents navigate the legal system.

Child Support and Military Servicemembers
Child support rules and procedures are different for military servicemembers. Refer to this article to determine how to calculate child support for military servicemembers.

Parents in the Military: Visitation Rights for Deployed Parents
Military visitation requires flexibility on the part of the custodial parent. Refer to this article to determine how to handle military deployment and child visitation issues.

Child Custody: Military Deployment and the Single Parent
Military deployment is extremely difficult for custodial single parents who must relinquish child custody prior to deployment. Learn how to handle child custody situations for military single parents, particularly if a military deployment is impending.

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