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Visitation Transfer FAQ


What is Visitation Transfer?:

Visitation transfer refers to the time and place where your child either begins or returns from a visit.

Where Should Visitation Transfers Take Place?:

Unless you have been ordered by the court to conduct visitation transfers in a certain location, you and your child's other parent can determine together where the transfer should take place. You may choose to meet at a central location approximately equidistant from both of your residences, or you may decide that "Parent A" will pick up the child at the start of the visit at one residence, and "Parent B" will pick up the child at the end of the visit at the other residence. In addition, you may determine that the safest location for your transfers is a neutral drop off center.

Who Provides Transportation to and From Each Visit?:

Again, unless this issue has been predetermined by the courts, it is up to the parents to determine who shall provide the transportation. It is best if the issue can be decided before the visit takes place. In addition, you should consider the approximate cost to each parent when reaching a fair and equitable agreement.

What Should I Do If the Other Parent Refuses to Provide Transportation?:

If the parent refuses to bring the child back from a visit, you can consider calling the police and/or reporting the incident to the courts. However, you might also consider - the first or second time that this happens - picking the child up yourself and changing your transfer agreement so that the other parent is the one who picks up the child for the start of each visit, and handle the post-visit transportation on your own. This may help to decrease last-minute inconveniences. However, if the pattern continues, speak with your lawyer about the issue or consult with a mediator.

What Should I Do if the Other Parent Does Not Return My Child Following a Visit?:

Call the police immediately if you suspect that your child is being held against his or her will.

Where Can I Find a Neutral Drop Off Center?:

Contact your state's division of children and family services for a list of neutral drop off centers in your area. In addition, the Supervised Visitation Network and the Administration for Children and Families both maintain lists of neutral drop off centers on their websites.

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