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The Child Support Protection Act of 2007


What is The Child Support Protection Act of 2007?:

In February 2006, President George W. Bush signed The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 into law. While this legislation was designed to curb mandatory expenditures by the federal government, there are sections of the law which significantly reduce funding to state-run offices of child support enforcement. The Child Support Protection Act of 2007 was introduced on March 7, 2007, by Representative Jim McDermott (a Democrat from the 7th Congressional District in Washington State) in an effort to restore funding to your local office of child support enforcement.

What Will Happen if The Child Support Protection Act of 2007 is Not Passed?:

It is believed that billions of dollars in child support will go uncollected. According to a report released by The Lewin Group (which was contracted by The National Council of Child Support Directors to determine just how the cuts would impact local child support enforcement programs), at least $11 billion dollars will be lost in the next ten years - and that's a positive outlook for the future of child support enforcement, based on the hope that individual states might be able to come up with one-half of the lost federal dollars on their own. Most likely, the true cost will be considerably higher.

How Can You Support the Child Support Protection Act of 2007?:

It's simple. You can show your support for the Child Support Protection Act of 2007 by contacting your local representative, which you can do quickly and easily, right here online, when you visit the The National Women's Law Center.

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