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The Best Wall Calendars for Busy Single Parents

A Calendar That Works for You is One You'll Really Use


As a busy single parent, you need an easy way to keep track of your kids' activities, visits, and schedules. Try using one of these great 2013 wall calendars to make the chore of organizing everyone's lives and schedules more enjoyable.

1. Amy Knapp's 2013 Big Grid Family Organizer

2013 Amy Knapp Calendar
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This large wall calendar will help you organize all of your family's activities. It even includes stickers to help young kids "read" your plans at a glance. Also Includes:
  • Oversized grid spaces with plenty of room to write
  • Space for making lists on each month's calendar page
  • A "Smart Planning" tool to keep you organized
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2. 2013 More Time Moms Family Organizer

2013 More Time Moms Calendar
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Get organized with a family calendar that offers tons of writing space, stickers, and a pocket for storing important documents. Also Includes:
  • 2" by 3" date squares
  • 260 stickers
  • Recipes, inspirational quotes, and more
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3. Mom's 2013 Family Calendar

2013 Moms Family Calendar by Sandra Boynton
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This popular calendar from bestselling author Sandra Boynton includes columns to help you keep track of each family member's activities. The calendar's layout is vertical, with the dates running down the left side of each two-page spread. Also Includes:
  • A vertical layout
  • Columns for tracking up to five family members' activities
  • If you have fewer than five family members, use an extra column for "All of us"
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4. Family 2013 Plan-it Plus Calendar

Photo courtesy of Pricegrabber.com
This family calendar is great for organizing all of your family's busy day-to-day activities. Includes space for keeping track of up to five people. (If your family is not that large, use the extra columns to keep track of activities you all need to attend, items that need to be packed on specific school days, etc.) Also Includes:
  • More than 400 stickers
  • A storage pocket
  • A magnet for attaching the calendar to your refrigerator
  • Contact sheets for keeping track of each family member's contact information
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