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The 12 Days of Christmas Sanity: A Dozen Gifts to Give Yourself This Year


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The 12 Days of Christmas Sanity: Day 3

On the third day of Christmas,
I gave a gift to me:
Three best friends,
Two great big hugs,
And an evening out just for me.

Who are your closest friends? We all need to have people in our lives we can rely on. Some of us have friends who let us vent our frustrations and offer comfort and empathy. Others have friends who help us pick up the pieces and move on when we're down in the dumps and would rather--let's face it--spend the day in bed than face the world one more time. Others have friends who model for us what it means to be a loving parent, even when that requires tough boundaries our kids aren't so fond of.

The point is, you need to have more than one "go to" person in your life. You need friends you can lean on, cry to, laugh with, celebrate with, and dream with. Sit down and make a list. Who are your closest friends? And where in your life could you forge closer relationships? Perhaps at work, or through your neighbors, or the families of your kids' closest friends? Cast a broad net and have confidence that there are others right in your sphere of influence who need that "one more friend" just as badly as you do.

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