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Summer Safety Tips for Single Parents

Plan on Enjoying a Safe Summer With Your Kids


As a single parent, you may find that summer allows you more frequent and longer chunks of time to spend with your kids. Along with all of the fun activities and outings you have planned, make sure that you take the necessary precautions to avoid dangers when swimming and enjoying outdoor activities. Here are some specific ways you can keep your kids safe this summer:

1. Provide Supervision When Enjoying Water Activities

Summer will provide many opportunities to enjoy water activities with your children. From swimming in the community pool, to wading in a neighbor's kiddie pool, or picnicking by a lake or stream, there will be many times when your children need to be supervised near water. It's crucial that you never leave your children unattended near water. Drownings take mere minutes, and can be prevented with complete, undistracted adult supervision.
Summer Safety Tips:
  • Never leave children unattended near water.
  • If you have an inflatable pool in your yard, purchase a cover for it.
  • In addition, purchase safety alarms for the gate and/or door leading to the pool.

2. Teach Your Children Not to Play With Fireworks

Even if fireworks are legal in your state, never allow your children to play with them unsupervised. Many parents don't realize that even Sparklers, which seem so harmless, reach a peak temperature of about 2,000 degrees. In addition, if you have older children, teach them to walk away from friends who attempt to use fireworks without adult supervision.
Summer Safety Tips:
  • Realize that the temptation to play with fireworks does not end with July 4th.
  • Roleplay with your kids to teach them to say "No" and walk away.
  • Talk with the parents of your children's friends about this issue as well.

3. Check the Backseat Before You Exit Your Car

We've all heard the tragic stories of parents who've left their children alone in an overheated car. Never take this chance. Get into the habit of looking in your back seat each time you get out of your car. This way, you'll never be in the position of leaving a sleeping child behind.
Summer Safety Tips:
  • Never leave your children in a hot car.
  • Keep your car locked and teach your children not to play in or around vehicles.
  • Check the backseat when you exit the car.

4. Stay Hydrated

Teach your children to drink plenty of water throughout the day during the summertime. This is a habit that is easy to teach by your example. In addition, staying hydrated will help to keep you comfortable and maintain the energy levels you need on hot and humid days.
Summer Safety Tips:
  • Purchase large plastic containers that you can fill in the morning and drink from all day
  • Teach your children to drink a glass of water before having soda or carbonated drinks.
  • Bring water bottles with you when you leave the house.

5. Use Sunscreen

Make sure you regularly apply an effective sunscreen each time your children play outdoors during the summer. In addition, make sure you reapply it frequently, especially when they are playing in or near water. It can be easy to forget this step in the late afternoon or on cloudy days, but remember that the sun is strong enough to burn your children's skin even when it does not feel particularly hot or strong.
Summer Safety Tips:
  • Make this a regular habit.
  • Reapply sunscreen often.
  • Try the convenience of using a spray-on sunscreen.
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