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Your Guide to Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free


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What You Need to Know Before You Go to a Restaurant Where Kids Eat Free

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More and more restaurants are now offering Kids Eat Free deals. Before you scroll down and begin searching for one in your area, though, make sure you pay attention to the "fine print" behind each restaurant's free meal policy. For example, find out:

  • What day of the week the deal is offered
  • Whether the kids eat free deal is limited to certain hours, such as 4-7 pm
  • Whether there is an age limit, such as 10 or 12
  • Whether all children literally eat free, or whether the deal is limited to one free kid's meal per one adult meal purchased
  • Whether kids' drinks are included, and
  • Whether the deal applies to dine-in customers only

To search for additional Kids Eat Free deals:

  1. View a list national restaurant chains that offer Kids Eat Free deals on different days in different cities.

  2. Search for Kids Eat Free deals by location: Akron | Albuquerque | Charlotte | Cleveland | Denver | Houston | Huntsville | Kansas City | Memphis | Oklahoma City | Orlando | Phoenix | Raleigh/Durham | San Antonio | Santa Rosa | St. Louis
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