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Charities for Single Parents: Where to Give This Year

Tax-Exempt Non-Profit Organizations Supporting Single Moms & Dads


Charities for single parents can be found throughout the U.S., but not all of them are eligible to receive tax-exempt donations. The following non-profit organizations work to support single moms and dads and have been awarded 501(c)3 tax-exempt status by the IRS*, which means that any donation you make is also tax-deductible.

1. Bridge of Hope

Bridge of Hope Logo
Image courtesy of bridgeofhope.org.

Focus: Bridge of Hope works with churches and Christian organizations to support and mentor homeless single mother and their children. Visit their website to learn more, make a donation, or partner with Bridge of Hope.

Website: bridgeofhopeinc.org

Location: The national office is located in Exton, PA. (Bridge of Hope extensions exist throughout the U.S.)

2. Extended Family

Extended Family Logo
Image courtesy of www.extendedfamily.org.

Focus: Extended Family works to support single parents, children of single parents, and orphans in the San Fernando Valley area. Recipients must live in the San Fernando Valley area and, if parents, must be employed. To apply or make a donation, visit the organization's website or call (818) 937-3766.

Website: www.extendedfamily.org

Location: Woodland Hills, CA

3. Fellowship Housing

Fellowship Housing Logo
Image courtesy of www.fhcmoms.org.

Focus: Fellowship Housing works to serve the needs of homeless -- or near-homeless -- single moms and their children in Northwest Suburban Chicago. To request assistance, make a donation, or volunteer your services, visit their website.

Website: www.fhcmoms.org

Location: Hoffman Estates, IL

4. Heaven's Rainbow

Heaven's Rainbow Logo
Image courtesy of www.heavensrainbow.org.

Focus: Heaven's Rainbow works to equip teen mothers to empower teen and single mothers (ages 13-25) to build strong and stable lives. Through resources, education, training, and life skills, Heaven's Rainbow helps young moms transition from high school to college and beyond. To request assistance, volunteer, or make a donation, visit their website.

Website: www.heavensrainbow.org

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

5. Helping Hands for Single Moms

Helping Hands Logo
Image courtesy of helping handsforsinglemoms.org.

Focus: Helping Hands for Single Moms provides scholarships, financial assistance, and support to single moms who are pursuing a college degree while raising their kids. To request assistance or make a donation, visit their website.

Website: helpinghandsforsinglemoms.org

Location: Goodyear, AZ

6. Raising Him Alone

Raising Him Alone Logo
Image courtesy of www.raisinghimalone.com.

Focus: Raising Him Alone, a subsidiary of the Urban Leadership Institute (which is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization) works to provide resources and support for single mothers raising boys. Visit their website to learn more or make a donation.

Website: www.raisinghimalone.com

Location: Baltimore, MD and Neptune, NJ

7. Single Mothers Outreach

Image courtesy of singlemothersoutreach.org.

Focus: Single Mothers Outreach works to help single moms in Santa Clarita, CA become self-sustaining. They provide support groups and workshops, in addition to financial and technological education programs for single moms. To learn more, request help, volunteer, or make a donation, visit their website.

Website: www.singlemothersoutreach.org

Location: Santa Clarita, CA

8. Single Parent Advocate

Single Parent Advocate Logo
Image courtesy of singleparentadvocate.org.

Focus: Single Parent Advocate is a faith-based organization working to support single parent families. Visit their website to request assistance or volunteer.

Website: www.singleparentadvocate.org

Location: Plano, TX

9. Singleton Moms

Image courtesy of www.singletonmoms.org.

Focus: Singleton Moms works to provide hands-on and financial support to single moms in Maricopa County (AZ) who are battling cancer. To request services, get involved, or donate, visit the organization's website.

Website: www.singletonmoms.org

Location: Scottsdale, AZ

10. SPARC Single Parent Alliance & Resource Center

Image courtesy of singleparent411.org.

Focus: SPARC works to support single parent families through online resources, support groups, and classes. They also facilitate an annual Holiday Adoption program. Visit their website to learn more or make a donation.

Website: singleparent411.org

Location: Norcross, GA

11. Warrick Dunn Charities

Warrick Dunn Charities Logo
Image courtesy of www.wdc.org.

Focus: Warrick Dunn Charities builds homes for single parents and their children through a program called "Homes for the Holidays." They also run "Betty's Hope," support groups for children who've experienced loss.

Website: www.wdc.org

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Note: To determine whether an organization that supports single moms and dad is tax-exempt, use the IRS Exempt Organizations Search Tool.

*As of December 1, 2012

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