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Learn how to communicate effectively with all the members of your extended family, including your child's other parent.
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Four Rules for Living With Your Parents
Are you thinking about moving back in with your parents, either so they can help with your kids, or for financial reasons? Apply these four critical rules to make sure the living arrangement works for all of you.

Positive Effects of Single Parenting
While being raised in a single parent family certainly has challenges, your family's structure can also have positive effects on your children. Explore some of the ways being raised in a single parent family can benefit your children.

Write a Family Mission Statement
Solidify the goals and dreams you have for your family by putting them down on paper as a family mission statement. This affirming exercise includes seven key questions to answer, along with practical tips for involving the entire family.

Write a Letter to Your Child
Enhance communication with each of your children by writing annual letters to each child as part of your regular holiday or birthday traditions. Get started with these drafting tips and techniques.

Teach Gratitude and Appreciation
As the saying goes, "Gratitude makes a great attitude!" Teach your kids to be thankful for what they have by showing them how much you appreciate your life. Learn to identify and express your appreciation with these five gratitude habits.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Divorce
Before you tell your children that youre getting a divorce, make sure that you and your ex talk about, and agree on, what to say. Use these guidelines to collaborate on your message and prepare for the questions your kids will most likely ask.

The Effects of Divorce on Children
Wayne Parker, About.com's Guide to Fatherhood, provides an insightful article about the impact of divorce on children. Parker discusses the fears children may experience, as well as danger signs to look out for. He also provides a list of practical strategies you can apply to mediate the impact of divorce on your kids and make this time of transition as smooth as possible.

Grandparents - Why We're Grateful for Our Kids Grandparents
Grandparents have so much to offer our children, from unconditional love, to the wisdom of their experiences. Take a moment to say "Thank you" to your parents, for all that they do for you and your kids.

4 Ways to Encourage Your Kids' Relationship With Your Ex
While you can't fix everything, there are several key things you can do to foster healthy relationships between your kids and your ex. Use these tips to get started...

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