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Online Dating Tips for Single Parents

Staying Safe and Having Fun While Dating Online


Online dating can be a fun and non-threatening way to re-enter the dating scene. One plus is that it can actually help you narrow down the qualities you're looking for in a mate, while also identifying the qualities you possess that are most unique and appealing. Here are some online dating tips to keep in mind as you get started:

1. Be Honest in Your Online Dating Profile

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There's no need to exaggerate your best qualities when you write up your online dating profile. Just be yourself. You'll probably find through this experience that the physical, emotional, and intellectual qualities you bring are more than sufficient to attract numerous candidates. And best of all, deciding to just be yourself will help you recognize the likable, attractive, and fun qualities you already possess.

2. Use Quality Photos in Your Online Dating Profile

You might be tempted to load any old picture into the system just to get your profile up and running. However, you don't want someone to overlook your profile simply because the quality of the picture is not clear. Make sure you use a quality digital photograph that meets the recommendations defined by the service you've chosen to use. In addition, have two or three additional digital pictures on hand to share with individuals you converse with through E-mail, and ask them to do the same. This will help you "weed out" those people who might try to deceptively use someone else's picture for their profile photo!

3. Limit the Time You Spend on Online Dating Sites

You can easily spend hours looking through other members' online dating profiles. For a while this may seem like fun, but you can quickly feel "addicted" to logging on and perusing the latest additions. Rather than lose your valuable time to a computer screen, put a limit on the amount of time you'll spend online each day, and stick to it.

4. Take Your Online Dating Relationships Slow

Online dating is meant to be a gradual process. Initially, you'll meet a lot of people. In fact, trying to respond to them all might seem like a daunting task. However, make an effort to send a friendly response to each person who contacts you. From there, you can begin to E-mail back and forth with the members who catch your interest. During this time, be careful not to give out too much information. You don't have to send your entire life story in an E-mail. In fact, lengthy E-mails can be a turn off during the initial stages of online dating.

5. A Final Thought: Use Caution When Dating Online

With your children in the picture, there's no way to under-state the need to be cautious with online dating. I know many people who've had extremely successful experiences. However it would be quite easy for an individual to conceal his or her worst qualities during the early stages of online dating. To protect yourself, you must avoid giving out personal information and use the e-mail and instant messaging services provided by the online dating service you choose to use. In addition, when you're ready to speak with a new friend over the phone, use your cell phone number rather than your home telephone number.

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