1. Parenting

Connect With Your Kids

As a single parent, you have the opportunity to develop an extra-close relationship with your children. Take advantage of these suggestions as you find new ways to connect with your kids.

Kids' Coloring Pages for Single Parent Families
These printable coloring pages are ideal for helping young kids adjust to transitions between two homes. Each page features a mom or dad engaged in fun activities with one or more children.

How to Play on the Floor With Your Baby
There’s a lot you can do entertain your baby and have fun together. From crawling races to ball tosses, these baby games and activities will be fun for both of you.

Volunteer Work Opportunities for Single Parent Families
Build a sense of unity within your family by reaching out to others and doing some volunteer work together. Family-friendly volunteer opportunities include helping out at food pantries, nursing homes, and other community-based organizations.

Start a Family Movie Night
Movie night is a great way to stay connected with your kids. Find out how to incorporate a regular, inexpensive movie night routine with your family.

Discover Pockets of Quality Time in Your Everyday Routine
Quality time happens in the midst of quantity time. Find out how to uncover pockets of quality time with your kids in the midst of everyday activities, like commuting, making meals, and more.

Ways to Gain Your Kids' Respect
All parents deserve their kids respect. But sometimes we do things to undermine that respect without even realizing it. Learn what pitfalls to avoid and how to increase the mutual respect in your home.

Connect With Your Kids in 15 Minutes a Day
Unfortunately, between working and all the other responsibilities that fill you days and nights, you may feel like you're not really connecting...

10 Spring Activities for Parents and Kids
Enjoying fun spring activities together is a great way to connect with your kids. Here are ten weekly spring activities to keep you busy throughout the season.

12 Ways to Build Stronger Relationship with Your Kids
Our relationships with our kids are some of the most important bonds we'll ever form. Learn how to build a stronger relationship with your kids -- one that will last through their teenage years.

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