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Create a Family Gratitude Journal

Teach Your Kids to Focus on the Positive


A family gratitude journal is a fun way to connect with your kids and help them to focus on the positives that each of you experience from day to day. It's also a tool that can be used in a variety of ways, whether your kids live with you full time or not.

How to Create a Family Gratitude Journal:

  • Decorate a spiral notebook or composition book with stickers
  • Help your kids create a gratitude journal out of computer paper stapled together
  • Purchase an inexpensive, lined journal

How to Use Your Family Gratitude Journal:

  • Make writing in the gratitude journal together a part of your regular, weekly family meetings,
  • Write in it together at the conclusion of every visit, or
  • Use your gratitude journal to write notes back and forth with your kids, sharing what you most appreciate about one another

Examples of What to Record in Your Family Gratitude Journal:

  • The walk we took Saturday morning
  • Family movie night
  • Playing games together as a family

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