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How to Conduct a Family Meeting With Your Kids

Use Regular Family Meetings to Plan Ahead and Communicate Effectively


Family meetings can be an important part of establishing ground rules, maintaining communication, and creating a team-like atmosphere in your home. Once you introduce the concept of having a family meeting, plan on making it a regular part of your weekly routine. In the future, additional family meetings can be scheduled as needed to discuss important topics.

Weekly Family Meetings Can Be a Time to:

  • Sync everyone's calendars
  • Confirm social and family commitments for the coming week
  • Discuss transportation needs and visitation schedules
  • Talk about upcoming school projects
  • Voice concerns
  • Express needs
  • Plan meals for the week
  • Allow each family member to share one thing that they are grateful for, or one thing they are especially looking forward to

Special Family Meetings Can Be a Time to:

How to Hold Your First Family Meeting:

  1. Make a list of the topics you want to address in your first family meeting.

  2. Set a time for the meeting, and let your kids know when and where it will take place.

  3. Bring your family calendar, as well as a weekly planner (if applicable).

  4. Consider bringing a notebook, as well, in case you want to jot down any notes during the meeting.

  5. Begin the meeting by explaining that it is intended to be a safe place for each family member to voice his or her concerns.

  6. Practice actively listening to your kids throughout the meeting.

  7. Go through each item on your list.

  8. Allow each person to speak freely without being interrupted.

  9. Once you have gone through every item on your list, ask your children if there is anything else they would like to discuss.

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