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Child custody is often the issue that single moms and dads argue about most. The following child custody articles and resources are intended to help single moms and dads work through custody issues peacefully, if at all possible, so that each parents' ongoing relationship with the children can be maintained.
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Child Custody Laws in the United States
How much do you know about the child custody laws in your state? Do you know whether your state presumes joint custody, or whether a single, unwed mother is expected to file for custody, even if the father is not around? Get the facts you need to proceed with your child custody case.

How to Draft a Custody Agreement
Parents should consider completing a child custody agreement prior to pursuing an adversarial court proceeding. Find out what specific information to include in your custody agreement.

Factors Used to Determine Child Custody for Fathers
It is very difficult for fathers to get custody of a child. Fathers who want to get custody of a child should read this article for strategies to help fathers get custody.

Child Custody Horror Stories
Child custody horror stories are, unfortunately, all too common. Share your experiences, and any tips you have about breaking through the red tape, with our readers.

Reaching a Private Child Custody Agreement
Many parents area able to reach a private custody agreement, but aren't sure what to do legally to close their child custody case in court. Refer to this article to determine how to close a child custody case.

How to Handle an International Custody Dispute
International custody disputes can be extremely difficult for parents, particularly if your child already resides in the other country against your wishes. Determine how to handle an international custody dispute, including what steps to take and what issues to prepare for in advance.

Legal Separation & Child Custody Agreements
Legal separation agreements usually include child custody arrangements. However, these arrangements are not always maintained consistently by both parties. Find out what to do when the other the parent violates the agreed-upon custody arrangement.

Primary Custodian
Refer to this article to determine how the court decides who has primary child custody for unmarried parents.

Fathers and Custody Rights
It is often very difficult for a father to obtain full custody of a child. Learn how to win full custody as a father, and how various extenuating circumstances are handled by the courts.

Considering the Child's Wishes When Determining Child Custody
Several factors are considered in a child custody proceeding, including a child's wishes. Learn how much weight courts give to each child's wishes during a child custody determination.

Legal Tips for Non-Custodial Parents
It's difficult for a non-custodial parent to navigate custodial or visitation rights after a child custody proceeding. Learn about the rights and responsibilities of non-custodial parents in order to ensure that you are fulfilling your obligations to your child and to the courts.

Are You Eligible for a Child Custody Modification?
Child custody modification is an option for parents who wish to change an existing child custody arrangement. Find out when it is advisable to seek a child custody modification and what factors the courts usually consider before changing a child custody order.

How to File for Child Custody
Child custody can be confusing for parents trying to understand the legal system. Find out how to file for child custody and what you need to know before contacting your county courthouse.

Religion and Child Custody
When parents of different religions separate, it can be difficult to decide to which faith to emphasize throughout the child's upbringing. Often, the courts must get involved with determining how different religious beliefs should ultimately effect child custody.

Child Custody in Wyoming
Before you file for child custody in Wyoming, become familiar with Wyoming's child custody statutes.

Temporary Child Custody
Temporary custody is established during a separation and will sometimes be used as the final child custody agreement. Find out what you need to know about temporary custody proceedings.

Third Party Custody
Third party custody is often defined as custody of a child involving a non-parent. Refer to this article for an understanding of the factors considered in a third party custody suit.

Child Custody Following the Death of a Parent
The death of a parent is a very difficult time for children. It is especially difficult to determine who will get child custody of a child when a custodial parent dies. Refer to this article for an understanding of who gets child custody after the death of a custodial parent.

Third Party Custody in Another State
A third party is only entitled to child custody in their state in certain limited circumstances. Learn what a third party needs to do to get custody in their state.

Factors Used to Determine Child Custody for Same-Sex Parents
It is very difficult for same sex parents to get custody of a child. Same sex parents who want to get custody of a child should read this article for strategies to help same sex parents get custody.

How Courts Determine Child Custody
Worried about how the judge will rule in your case? Consider these factors -- plus guidelines on how child custody is determined across the U.S.

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