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North Carolina Child Support Guidelines

Factors Used to Determine Child Support in North Carolina


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A court in North Carolina uses several criteria to make an appropriate child support determination during a child support hearing. In North Carolina, parents are obligated to support a minor child until the child reaches age 18 or upon emancipation of the child. If a child is attending secondary school, a North Carolina court may order a continuation of support until a child graduates, drops out, or reach age 20, whichever comes first. Here is some more information about elements considered in a North Carolina child support case:

Child Support Factors

In North Carolina, the court will consider the following factors when ordering child support:

  • Parent's financial resources
  • Child's financial resources
  • Parent's earning capacity
  • Child's standard of living
  • Reasonable needs of the child
  • Other relevant factors

Non-Income Based Child Support Factors

In addition to child support payments, a North Carolina court may order a parent to:

  • Add a child to a parent's health and dental insurance coverage
  • Provide cash medical support. If a non-custodial parent does not have access to health coverage, a North Carolina court may expect a parent to contribute to a public, managed care plan to support a child's medical needs

For more information about factors considered in a child support order in North Carolina, speak with a qualified attorney in North Carolina or refer to the North Carolina Code.

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