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Bonding When You Feed Your Baby

Bonding Activities for Every Age


A new father bottle feeds his baby.
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Whether you breastfeed or not, and whether you are the custodial parent or not, you can enjoy an important bonding time when you feed your baby. To maximize the closeness that results, apply these tips:

  • Hold your baby while you are feeding her.

  • Talk to your baby during mealtimes.

  • Rock your baby while breastfeeding or giving him a bottle.

  • Smile and sing songs to your baby while you're feeding her.

In addition, if you are co-parenting, the following tips will make mealtimes easier on you and your baby:

  • Create a system of communicating with your baby's mom or dad about mealtimes. This can be as simple as a spiral notebook that gets passed back and forth between you, an online calendar or dairy system, or a printable log where you record your routine.

  • Using this system, record the time and amount of each feeding, as well as diaper changes. If your child takes medication, this can also be recorded on the log.

  • Communicate clearly with one another before you introduce any new foods.

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