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Jennifer Wolf

The Power of "Different"

By December 23, 2013

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This holiday season may not be everything you hoped for. Maybe you wish you had more time to prepare for Christmas or pick up a few more gifts. Or maybe you're disappointed at not having family nearby, or you're spending the holiday alone for the first time since your divorce.

A single mom hold her baby while looking at a Christmas tree.

To be clear, these are valid disappointments. But it may help to change the language you use in your mind. Instead of focusing on how much you miss the way things used to be, try acknowledging -- and even saying out loud -- that "this is different." And that doesn't have to mean "bad."

Different is uncomfortable. Unsettling. New. But it's also the gateway to what comes next. So ask you look ahead to the new year, give yourself the freedom to reframe the things you didn't choose and keep an open mind about what lies ahead.

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