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Readers Respond: Share Your Experiences Using Plenty of Fish For Online Dating

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Potential users of Plenty of Fish want to know whether the free online dating service is useful, or whether it's a waste of time. If you've used Plenty of Fish, take a moment to share your experiences with our readers.

Please Note: The opinions expressed on this page represent individual user's personal experiences, and are not necessarily representative of the views of the About.com Guide to Single Parents. If you have had a different experience with this company, either positive or negative, please share your thoughts with us by completing the form below.

Not As Well Run As It Was

I have been on POF for many years but have had problems not from other daters but from the administration, they are judgmental inconstant and plain bad to say the least. So watch out building up any contacts or relying on this site. It appears that control and power goes to their heads. Marcus the so called founder threatens and bully's "his administrators" under his name.... this its possibly bible belt US attitude, so be warned it the site not the people to be careful off.... there really in the wrong game or need to see a shrink...

The Truth

POF is populated almost entirely by charmless divvies, narcissists, gargoyles, cretins, the mentally inept, and the terminally shallow. Most users seem to have poor manners, unrealistic expectations, a disproportionate sense of entitlement, or extremely poor social skills, and sometimes all of the above. I'm sure there must be a few decent people amongst the dross of humanity, but I'm afraid it's a case of 'a needle in a haystack.
—Guest Realist


The guys who feel there are "bots" faked on POF are possibly quite right. They are in the business to make money....that's the bottom line. It is quite possible ladies that you yourselves are being scammed.... Just a thought, could be wrong but suspicions are there.
—Guest X

its a joke

I have had a nightmare of a time on POF. I have really tried to present myself in a positive light with plenty of pictures and a nice description. I rarely ever get a response. I have tried to write many nice messages and they just all get deleted. I have met some people on and off but the majority were a major disappointment. Many of the people on there have a lot of baggage and other issues. The majority are very shallow and only care about looks. I dated one girl on there for a few months and I came to know that she had lied to me about everything and so I broke up with her. The big problem is they have way too much competition on POF. These girls get bombarded with so many messages that they dont have time to talk to everybody I have had women say they get too many messages. I have had women start talking to me right when they join then disappear I know its because they focus on some of these other guys who write them.
—Guest dan

Catfish & Whales ... Matches Never Match

I keep my Profile on this site because "You never know." But since 2007 I have yet to meet a woman who didn't lie through her teeth. The Matches have nothing to do with compatibility, it all age preference and mileage range ... period. I teach self defense, health & fitness, but my so-called Matches start at 200 lbs and go up from there. I think it must be a requirement for POF women to be obese (I'm being sarcastic, here). Rarely do you see a female whose arms don't dangle with rolls of fat and bellies hanging into the lap ... all of who seem to think they are sexy and hot. The site claims to not allow nudity. There are many female Profiles which post shots where the woman is clearly nude but doesn't expose certain parts. Often suggestive poses, bust shots & sitting with legs wide open can be found ... all claiming to not want Players or men who are looking for sex. Nothing is done about them. If you are seriously looking for someone, this is not the place to go.
—Guest irishblue1960

Is POF Poor Or Is It Society?

I have been on this site twice, both times I closed my profile as I have met somebody in the real world... To be honest you reap what you sew. I am not illiterate, have a degree, a good job and a second home... Prime candidate to find somebody who has at least a minimum of respect for people. I am no Brad Pitt, but also no Nigel Lawson... But ladies just tell it as it is and don't lie if you are honest in what you want it saves men sending messages to 1000 women with a 2% reply rate.... Also, if you want a colored man state this in your profile... Saying you like R&B isn't clear enough, sorry we are not mind readers... and just to state not all men are looking for young women, so why are so many middle aged women only interested in men ten years younger... I am now dating a Polish lady, beautiful, three years younger than me and likes me for more than one profile picture... When your attitudes change, maybe just maybe you will find somebody who is actually genuine.
—Guest Morph

POF a Bunch Of Scammers

I tried this site out for free to find a match. They say that they want to find your match. however after only a couple days they deleted my account stating that I violated their Terms, I read the terms over and over again and did nothing to violate them. I had a couple potentials that I had not exchanged personal info with yet that I no longer have any way to contact, completely defeating the purpose of the site. This is BS the only thing I can think of is that I did not pay for the service. When I contacted support I was told that they would not give me specific details as to why the account was closed. I am in support that is not how you provide support, to paying customers or not. Don't waste your time creating a profile, taking the quizzes or browsing the potential matches. Nothing but a huge scam!!!!!!!
—Guest techgirl123

I Deleted My Profile

I met a guy who said he was 56 years old. Went out for lunches 3 times. He told me that he wanted to marry me! I thought he looked much older than 56 years old and found out later that he was 67 years old. He dressed nicely, had a great occupation and extremely intelligent, he was like a "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" . As soon as I told him that I was not interested in going out with a man who is much older than I am, he started sending me very nasty almost threatening e-mails and text messages. Even though I asked him to stop, he continued to send them so finally, I had to report to the authorization! I reported to POF also. Hope this guy won't go and fish another one....
—Guest little fish

Guys on POF

Met what appeared to be a nice older man, my age exactly looking for a "good hearted woman" and a "long term relationship. He said he smoked "socially" ( 2 packs a day). And was a "social drinker" ( 2 gallons of whiskey a week ). He moved the relationship along rather quickly (read looking for a hook up ). Then dumped me when he said the relationship was moving too fast and he wasn't t ready to be a couple and needed his space. Caught him trolling for a new "fish" just before he dumped me. Go figure !
—Guest Dee

It's the internet!

I used it briefly but thought better of it. It's like the rest of the internet as much as its a target for people that want to abuse it and target the gullible.
—Guest Basil


I met a guy named Sonic on POF. Seems me and quite a few others have! He sweeps you off your feet and just as quickly as he RUSHED into your life, he rushes out without so much as a call or text! Funny I thought it was something I did, but if I ran into 2 others how many more are there! I met a couple other guy there too, same thing they know your looking for love, so that is what they will make you think it is. As soon as you get comfortable they split. Find 1 person who met anyone there and it lasted more than a year! Ladies, if you're looking for love, you're not going to find it on POF! You're going to find confused and lonely! You have been warned!
—Guest Shannon88


Players, nut-cases, and a huge waste of time. There is no perfect site for online dating, but this is without a doubt the bottom of the barrel!
—Guest Guest

Not All Women Are Goldiggers

I have to disagree with guy who said there are no sincere women on POF. I'm very sincere and genuine. I'm not looking for a guy with money, or status. There are many genuine members -- its all about finding them.
—Guest carol


It's rubbish. Women on there are so full of themselves. They claim they're laid back and not ignorant, yet they don't reply to messages. You're on a dating website. You're not perfect! If you can ignore nice men because you have so much attention elsewhere, then why are you on there?!
—Guest p;d off

No Veggies

I am an intelligent, sane, attractive woman in my 50's seeking fellow veggies. Mission Impossible! The men on POF are mostly sex-obsessed and don't 'get' my spiritual, non-materialistic outlook. And veggies are nonexistent on there!
—Guest wiltsveg

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