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Readers Respond: Share Your Experiences Using Plenty of Fish For Online Dating

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POF is Rubbish

I actually think the features are really good compared to paid ones, but the people that let it down. I think many women on there set their sights too high and are not really serious. Also, I think most of the men on there are so badly behaved that the women think this is the norm. I have written literally hundreds of mails for a handful of responses, and I am not sending simple one liners 'hi there', or war and peace equivalents, just a carefully crafted para or two. I suspect for the women, its a bit like seeing a diamond drop into a sewage pool and sink. You know it's there, but you probably lose the will to wade through the mess to get to it. And if you're not really serious, but there to massage your ego, that occasionally a stunning bloke will message you, then of course you don't bother wading at all... I get much better responses from paid sites. Use it if you want, but just set your expectations to low, very low.
—Guest Bill

Complaint About Plenty of Fish

My husband has been on line with them! But they do not answer their phones for me to remove him or inquire about his activity.
—Guest xxx

The Man Lottery

Most women on this site have their expectations set significantly higher then you would expect. It's not a site guys should go to if they're looking for a relationship, because you will never meet women close enough to your level. The site is filled with married/attached guys, too--more than enough to occupy all the women there. There's no reason for single guys to be there. The women can play with the married guys if they want. Oh yeah, also, more than half of the women on the site are only interested in guys their own age or younger , and those guys should be at least 6 feet tall. The whole thing is pretty silly. There's no way any decent guys would waste time on that site.
—Guest Fred

Kept a married man on their site

I came across a man I know was married, and I told Plenty of Fish about it. They did nothing! The site is a total joke.
—Guest Diane

Plenty of Fish is a Joke

I have been using their system for 6 months now and I have not received one response. I am the kind of guy who gets all the looks at the bar, but I get nothing at Plenty of Fish. The site is a complete joke. Overall, if you are a guy, Plenty of Fish is nothing more than a waste of time.
—Guest jim

Very Iffy

I have been very disappointed by POF women. I have been to at least one other dating site where I have been able to go out on dates with women, but not POF. I have my pictures up, and I send my pictures too, so that's not the problem. So do all of these women really not like me? I have written to scores of them. Very few women give any response at all. Some kindly decline my invitations (thank you for your kindness), but even these give no explanation. Are they deluged by hundreds of one-liner propositions per day that they have to read and delete? Some women on POF, the ones that give any positive response, seem to get excited at first but then suddenly disappear, as a previous commenter mentioned. What gives? My bad breath suddenly became overwhelming and permeated cyber-space? I am not sure. I suspect, in fact, that men here are so flaky they have conditioned women to think that flaky behavior is acceptable. Common folks, this is the future, let's break some new ground here...
—Guest Andy

Plenty of Fish

I've been terribly disappointed by the games women play. They seem interested at first....then they disappear without a trace. A lot of women have two profiles, if not more! The quality of women is extremely low....80% of them smoke or are alcoholics. Some women say they want a long-term relationship, but them they want to chat for weeks and never meet. And that big gold seal is a pathetic little cash cow for the owner....and people fall for it. All dating sites are a waste of money and time...they're all deceiving and render no or little results. Give me an alternative please.
—Guest Tony

I Enjoyed Using Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish is a great social networking website. There are many categories to choose from, not just dating. In fact, I have met many same-sex friends through Plenty of Fish, in addition to the people I've dated through using the service. I had tried Yahoo and Match.com, and this one beats them both. And the best part is, it's free. I had to pay for the other two services, and they didn't have as many people to choose from.
—Guest Penny

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