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Readers Respond: Share Your Experiences Using Plenty of Fish For Online Dating

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Online Dating

I have been on POF for about 2 and a half years. I've met upwards of 150 women for coffee dates. I would say 90 percent of the time there is no connection either way. The other 10 percent of meetings have potential leading to second third or more dates. I have actually dated about 4 women for a few months. In my opinion POF is a great way to meet people and to network but I don't think I will ever meet my soul mate or life long partner on there.
—Guest Duane

Full of Women Who Are Not Looking

This site is just full of women who are not there to actually meet someone. You'll find tons of profiles that say "Are there any nice guys left?" or they say 'If you're interested, please email me." So you email them, spend twenty minutes writing out a thoughtful message, and what do you get nine out of ten times? Unread or deleted! Then the rest are read and deleted. The women on this site are just there for an ego boost. They have no intentions of meeting anyone. I'm willing to bet they are already in a relationship, and are just on this site with their friends at work, trying to see who can get the most attention. It's really sad, and if this site was serious about helping it's members find someone, they would weed out these people who never respond to emails.
—Guest Chris

34 responses and 4 dates in 1 Week

So far so good. I'm hoping to find a partner on this website. I've had no problems as of yet, but I've only been on for a week.

POF is Full of Time Wasters

I came to Plenty of Fish with high hopes. I have been there nearly 2 years with no dates. And this is after sending almost 200-300 messages, which were all unique to the person. The furthest I ever got was some phone numbers from girls who then proceeded to play games and completely disappear when it was time to meet up. One girl I had texted, texted me back with, ''I have been so forward to hearing back from you!'' I then texted her the next day, but I got no reply from her and then she completely disappeared. The site is full of time wasters and chavvy women looking for validation and self assurance that they are good looking. Decent guys, stay away unless you are a model for Ted Baker.
—Guest Superman666

Never Again

I gave this guy my number and we texted good morning everyday, and that's it. Then when he wanted to talk, I didn't, so I ignored him. He has randomly sent me texts saying, "Why are you ignoring me?" Then he texted me a pic of his privates, as if I wanted that! Now he texted saying that he is going to post my number on Craigslist to show me not to ignore people. I'll never give out my number again. I'm done with dating.
—Guest Sonja

POF Pulled My Picture!

POF is a joke... In 24 hours, I sent out many thoughtful messages, nothing pushy or rude, and adhered to their photo guidelines (no nudity, no bare torso). However, even though there are women on the site with ski goggles and toques in their pics, my pics were pulled and my messaging capabilities restricted due supposedly to the fact that I was wearing sunglasses in my profile pic (a loose interpretation of their rules about the main pic showing your face). Numerous girls asked for my number, one called immediately and led the conversation, after exchanging pics via text, and then disappeared and randomly sent a message 12 hours later telling me not to message or text her anymore. Another asked for a pic via text and then went MIA. Again tasteful pics, girls who give out their numbers, and just play games. Another girl chatted me up on the phone for an hour, exchanged hundreds of messages and emails, and then disappeared when it was time for us to meet up. Also, there's no way to contact the site when you're having issues. Basically, you get what you pay for.
—Guest POF sucks

It's A Long Haul...

OK, I've been on there for three months today! My friend said he had his first date after two months, so I guess I'm lagging, as I've had zero dates. In the beginning I had hardly any first contact messages from girls and zero responses (so I sorted out my photos and my "about me" section). Now I have quite a few first contacts from girls, but I've still only had one response in over 80 messages sent ... and that one took 20 days to get back and has finally fizzled out now after about five messages back and forth. It seems like I made the mistake of admitting I was in a low-paid job and still a student - doh! I just wanted to be honest. Its not what i was expecting and so far it's taken from me more than its given back in time and brain power... but as long as my profile is attracting some people, maybe one day someone I am interested in will message... then again, maybe not.
—Guest gv


POF is the absolute worst dating site I've encountered! I had been a member for about 6 months when I started receiving horrible, racist comments and threats from users regarding the fact that I have a biracial daughter. I immediately blocked the users and reported them and within 24 hours...POF deleted my own profile. Clearly the POF board is racist as well...
—Guest Kate

Better Than Going to a Meat Market

I've been on POF for 2 years, use it every day and I'm currently seeing about 2 women a week for a meet-n-greet. I won't meet the love of my life but I will find a lot of hook-ups. First of all, women on POF lie about their weight, what they want and the fact they would not have a one night stand, because most will when present correctly. I also avoid the "lets meet for dinner" meet. Call me cheap but at $60 a meet, multiplied by 2-3 times a week, that's a car payment. I also want to meet around 8pm where I listen to their troubles and life adventures, commenting briefly about their strength or how envious I am of their life but I always mention I have a wide range of musical interest. It takes an hour to create a common bond, then I invite them to listen to my musical collection which is in my car. Ok, call me a dog but I have spoken to them afterwards and I hear they had the same idea, they just don't act on it until I suggest it. Welcome to the wonderful world of POF!

Good and the Bad

What I have found is that most of the men are married and looking to cheat but I did find a very nice man that I fell in love with. Unfortunately, it was long distance and my mistakes got the best of the relationship and it has ended. Would I try this site again? I'm not ready to date again yet. I'm still healing from a broken heart. He however has rejoined and I wish him the best in seeking out the right girl for him.
—Guest Ohiopenpal

My POF Experience

I've been a member for around two months now. I had some first contacts, and I made a pile of emails myself. However, I've had only one reply, which seemed positive, but is currently not replying to my follow-up. It's easier to meet people in a club!
—Guest g

My Experience With POF

Well, I've met up with a few women and had some great times, so I guess that's what makes it kind of addictive... I always take the contacts I have made with a pinch of salt, though, until meeting them. Yes, there are some real freaks on there, often the ones you have rejected after learning that they're horribly overweight and their pictures are five years old. Always keep an open mind, though! Also, I never understand how people say they are looking for a long term relationship. Dating sites are not a catalog for what you want! (In fact, that's when you are most open to the scammers, liars, and cheats that most of you rave on about!) Now to all the women who think all men who contact you just want sex - yes, you're probably right! Ask yourself whether you're looking for attention in the cyber world or the real world. Also, don't post half naked pictures if that's not what you want. Anyway, I think POF is great! And remember there are more fish in the sea - PLENTY!!!!
—Guest Jon smith


I have met female liars as well. I met a woman I liked and we dated a few times but she called me everyday and we spoke at length. I felt like we got to know each other quickly because of this, but when I told her I liked her and would like to date her, she jumped into drama-mode as a way out. Meanwhile, she had told me how much we had in common and how much she liked me. She was the worst!
—Guest screwed(figuratively)

Seriously Injured

I have been on POF for about four years. I have been lied to by the best scam artists in Alabama. All of these men were over 50, smart and nice looking (at least on the pics) and totally con men! They have promised me the moon and swore they "weren't playing games." I have had my heart broken too many times to mention. One guy even robbed me of my jewelry and a leather jacket when he went to the bathroom. There are some really sick men out there! What we really need is a "scammer hot line" so we can warn other people who NOT to date! I think they would think twice about being scammers if we could rate them and show their real flaws...
—Guest Sheryofal


Just wanted to let people know that I have found the most gorgeous guy on POF. He contacted me, we exchanged a few emails and decided to meet. We have been together for 17 months now. I had been single for 10 years and I had stopped looking. A friend talked me into joining POF and a week later, I got a message that changed my life (& my opinion of guys). Thank you Marcus, for starting this site.
—Guest Ali

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