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Readers Respond: Share Your Experiences Using Match.com For Online Dating

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Potential users of Match.com want to know whether the service is worth the money, or whether it's a just a waste of time. If you've used Match.com, take a moment to share your experiences with our readers.

Please Note: The opinions expressed on this page represent individual user's personal experiences, and are not necessarily representative of the views of the About.com Guide to Single Parents. If you have had a different experience with this company, either positive or negative, please share your thoughts with us by completing the form below.

Share Your Experiences

OLDER men for Younger Women

Beware young single moms and women who are homeowners. There are older men looking for you! They need someone to take care of them in their older age and need a home since they got kicked out of the one they didn't appreciate. I know because that is why my ex was on sites looking for a gullible lonely women!

Match.com: Beware

My husband was looking at these sites for a potential replacement of me -- his wife! He is a very sick man. He's an alcoholic, drug user, and sex addict when it works. After I left, I found all these women he was texting and giving them a sob story about how mistreated he was. Good luck to whoever he manipulates next! He goes by SEK.

Shameful Tactics

I cancelled after less than a month. It was tough getting a refund even though I was assured of a refund if I did not like the site. I paid for 6 months @ $20 a month as it was the only reasonable charge offered. When I cancelled they charged me for 1 month at $35.99 + a fee of $14.97. Then a week later I received an email from an interested member which of course I could not read unless I paid again to see the message. It is a shameful scam that manipulates a persons emotions to gain and keep business. If they had a good product they wouldn't need to use such tactics. Please beware you must inform them specifically that you want your profile deleted if you cancel otherwise they keep it active without your permission. I did request my profile be taken down and deleted and it still took several calls to finally acknowledge my request so just be aware nothing is as they say it is.
—Guest dp

Not Going To Take The Risk

I recently did all that was required to set up the profile. But, before paying money for this facility, wanted to find out how many people actually subscribe. I'm glad I did my research before subscribing! It seems the majority, and I mean a significant majority, are only members, meaning, that you can't communicate with them, even if you yourself pay. What a joke, never will you get a cent from my bank account match.com! Real scam artists $35 for one month?!, must be joking!
—Guest Musician

What a Joke!!!

Same as all the others, many many likes for my pictures but when I send an email NEVER a response, lookers but nothing else, men hiding and unhiding their profiles it's comical! Men showing up 50/75 pounds heavier even though they say their pictures are current. When I say I'm not staying for the meeting they get bent out if shape saying because I gained a few pounds how shallow are you... I then tell them it's NOT their weight it's the fact that they already lied to me, shuts them up quickly! Don't waste your money to much phony stuff with the profiles going on.
—Guest Atlanta Gal:

It Worked For Me

I don't understand all of the people complaining about the free accounts. match.com is a business and they are trying to make money. If you're serious about finding someone just fork over the money as it's very affordable. I did have the problem with lots of guys out of my requested age range but I just ignored them. Just like in real life there is no obligation to go out with anyone you don't want to. I met a man very quickly and fell in love so it does work for some people. it is interesting that many of the people on here keep talking about how good looking they are but couldn't find anyone. I'm thinking some of them are delusional which may be part of their problem finding someone.
—Guest L

Account Made For Me

I got a email from this this site about my account, the only thing is I never made one. Somehow they got info about me that I use online such as a password that I use for most of my online activities. How they got it really freaked me out. So I started trying to figure how they got my information, and I found that they use programs to monitor people's account they create a account in hopes that you'll break out the credit card so beware.
—Guest ted d


How does match.com create a account without me knowing? I got a email from them about my account the thing us I don't have one so how do they get my info.
—Guest jan


I concur with many of the posted responses. Lots of superficial women on a terrible website, wasting a lot of people's time.
—Guest Ejgjrdds

Match is Such A Waste Of Time

Match is such a waste of time. My membership was to expire last month however, when I called match about the issues they gave me 6 months free. I’m finding women are older than they post. I told match customer service that I felt verification should be from the driver’s license. This would further protect their users in case there is a real problem. Who really knows what user’s ulterior motives are? The last girl I dated for from match, turned out she was married, go figure. In the past I’ve had issues where the women said they were say 5’8 140lbs slim or slender, when In fact, when I would meet them, obviously they were 10 years older 5’2 240lbs full figured however, god bless them for trying. One time I excused myself to the restroom before appetizers and called my daughter to call me back at the table so I could escape using some emergency excuse. Anyway, I’ll get off my soapbox now.
—Guest has harry balls


I joined match recently and have gone on several dates - But only after emailing 500,000 people it feels like! It feels like I'm looking for a job, in the sense it is a big numbers game. At first i tried to include customized messages for each note that I would send, but found that I still wasn't getting tons of responses. I'm 27, attractive, and I have a nice profile...so, I was a little puzzled with the disparity in sent/inbox messages. For the dates I have been on, its like we meet up for dinner, then go our separate ways. I also find the "daily matches" to be absurd - "like you, she likes pets!" Wow, really! That's the best match you can come up with? May as well say, "like you, she likes the color blue!" Jury is still out on the online dating thing.
—Guest Disgruntled

Not a Good Site

When i do match, I don't lat long on there and i don't know why is that because I am from Ghana. I have my own money and i want a partner whom i can be with and spend the rest of my life together with. You better check your site well.
—Guest James

Single Mom

I am a single mom, mid 40s Asian mixed who looks more like mid 30s (as most people say), slender, tall, fairly attractive and well dressed. I signed up for match one evening but cancelled immediately the next day due to the volume of winks I got from grandpas & baldies. I signed up again 1 month later after this initial shock but found myself lowering my age bracket. I am just not impressed my men my age...so worn and out of shape. But younger men are probably scared off by my age and the fact that I have a live-in 3rd grader. Late 30s and early 40s men are looking for someone to marry and have babies with, not someone who comes with a package. Anyway, not a decent looking wink/email so I made a couple of first moves, with a lot of courage, but to no avail. Perhaps I should have lied about my age which I can definitely pull off but that is sooooo insincere. Advice welcome!
—Guest BKLYN Guest


Can someone please tell me why i signed up to match.com. And can not read e-mails etc. without having to sign up to pay?
—Guest Nicki

Do Not Use Match.com

Although using Match website to cancel auto renewal, instantly upon joining and also afterwards, they still charged my account. They refuse to refund. I have cancelled my card so that they cannot do so again. Don't join this scum organization !!
—Guest tony

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Share Your Experiences Using Match.com For Online Dating

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