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Readers Respond: Share Your Experiences Using Match.com For Online Dating

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Potential users of Match.com want to know whether the service is worth the money, or whether it's a just a waste of time. If you've used Match.com, take a moment to share your experiences with our readers.

Please Note: The opinions expressed on this page represent individual user's personal experiences, and are not necessarily representative of the views of the About.com Guide to Single Parents. If you have had a different experience with this company, either positive or negative, please share your thoughts with us by completing the form below.

My Match.com Experience

How not to sound cocky? I am an attractive guy (I have dated a Maxim model, among other models, and I get hit on by women). I am an attorney, and I make plenty of money. However, I have had little-to-no luck on Match.com. My emails were short-to-medium length and somewhat personal (I didn't throw a ton of humor/jokes in there), and I got few replies. I do have pictures with two attractive ex’s up on my profile. I don't have many pictures of myself and couldn't crop them... Match.com is far from the real world reality of dating!
—Guest SROB

Not Worth the Money

I would say that Match.com and all online dating sites turn people into commodities. It's like a shopping catalog for people. I met one man who I liked a lot. We went on three dates. He kept telling me how great I was, how much he liked me, and, finally, that he had taken down his profile on Match because he wanted to see only me. And then I never heard from him again! Sketchy... I've decided that Match cannot make money if you actually find someone. They operate like a casino. They use "success stories" to convince you that you'll win, but if everyone "won" (and found a match), they would be out of business. It has to be part of their algorithm to make it take a good, long while until you actually find a match. I'd rather meet someone in a bar.
—Guest Hates Cereal Daters

Can't quite get a handle on it

Many young people seem to do well with it. I am older, but attractive, slender, educated and bright and hopefully not full of myself. I am definately seriously looking. Even worked to get the additional 6 months free which unfortunately I was shorted on due to a "technicality". The men in my age range often want women 20-25 years younger....now, what could that be about? ;=) Many men my age seem to think tattoos, Harleys, and "I'm still a boy" will turn a 58 year old's head. Most men professing to be educated could have benefitted greatly from spell check & grammar check. While many seemed to exaggerate their incomes, looks (!?), height, emotional involvment with ex's, even their addresses - I cannot fault them for that; guys put their best foot forward in real life too. But it's slim pickin' at this age unless your standards are fairly low. If I were just looking to 'hook up', they're out there. But I'm not. Might try again with less hope behind the search!
—Guest Susie Qusie

Match.com Window Shoppers

I'm convinced that the overwhelming majority of women on Match.com and other dating websites are window shopping. I am amazed that I've had better luck getting a response on *craigslist* from women who actually want to correspond and/or meet with you. Amazing!
—Guest Live and Learn

Match.com is Not Impressive

So the first week I got on Match.com, a few years ago, I got lucky and went on a date with a very pretty girl. We liked each other right off the bat and dated for two years. We ended up breaking up eventually, and I gave Match.com another try, and over a nine month period, I sent about 40-50 emails to people I thought were interesting and attractive - and I received ZERO responses. Not to sound cocky, but I know I'm a reasonably attractive guy, in the 7.5-8 range for most girls, depending on taste. I'm athletic, well educated, well spoken, and I dress nicely. I have always dated attractive women. I was just looking for someone with a bit more character/class/etc. So I thought I could find better matches for me online. So I did an experiment: I changed my profile, put that I made $250,000+, was an attorney, and that I was looking for a fun girl to hang with and enjoy life. Man, I got a TON of responses! My conclusion: Match.com is full of people looking for the wrong thing, even though a few are good.
—Guest James

Match .com is Comical

After being on Match.com for several months, I can honestly say I now view it as a joke. I'm very honest in my profile and pictures. I've found that women tend to either fib or be totally unrealistic about their expectations, and they need to look in the mirror more closely. How can one connection go from 44 to 53 overnight? Why would another finally confess she wants a very tall guy when I was clear that I was average in height? And the biggest joke of all is reading a profile of a very, very average - at best - looking middle-aged woman who wants the perfect man starting at ten years her junior, great on the eyes, high income, and the most romantic man she's ever met - with, of course, no baggage. Also, be sure you call Match.com to let them know to not automatically re-subscribe and charge your credit card. They're sneaky about that in several ways.
—Guest John Doe

Great for Dates, but Nothing More

I just canceled my subscription after my third date. With all three guys, I emailed them extensively before we met in person, to try and get a feel for them - but I still had problems. Namely, with the first two, we had a great intellectual connection and the conversation was amazing, but there wasn't any chemistry (even though I found their pictures to be attractive). The third guy seemed to have written the perfect profile for me and what I'm looking for. However, in person the conversation was lacking - but the physical chemistry was off the charts. All in all, for me, Match.com wasn't any better than meeting someone at a cafe or the grocery store. Having the pictures and profiles didn't seem to increase my chances of finding someone worth pursuing. And in all honesty, I was a little disappointed - definitely more so with this last date. I'm sure he'd be great in bed, but I really wish he were more like his profile: charming, witty, and a classy gentleman.
—Guest nomatches

Match Has Terrible Customer Service

I’ve spoken to three representatives today. The first was very helpful and polite, while the next two ranged from unhelpful and outright rude. This is particularly true of a “supervisor” whose name sounded like “CharLee.” The question which prompted my call is simple: Can Profile-Pro be paid for by Debit Card? I neglected to ask the first representative, so I phoned back and spoke with Orlando, who hung up on me when I questioned the reason for asking my account name. It’s a legitimate question that could easily have been answered. Instead, Orlando elected to simply hang up. I asked the third representatives to transfer me to a supervisor, a request which she complied with only after I firmly told her that I wanted to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor, CharLee, ought to be handing out fries from a window rather than working as a problem solver, which is a large part of what customer service supervisors do. She was rude!
—Guest Odhran

Match.com Works, but it Takes Time

I have been off and on with Match.com. Sometimes you get lucky and a lot of times you don't. I have met some nice ladies and have had a few dates, but it's hard to get to second or third base, so to speak. Let's face it - when it comes to choosing a mate, we are all very picky, rightly so. I want to hold out for the real thing, and that can take a long time. But the payoff is worth it. I just met my match after 6 months on Match.com Just because you wink or email someone doesn't mean you have to answer. They are not interested or they would respond. Maybe they are just window shopping, which a lot of women are doing on Match.com. Be patient and in time you can find what you are looking for.
—Guest bob

Match.com Replies to "Winks" and Emails

I try Match.com from time to time. It's mostly the same people (a.k.a. serial daters who say they are looking for a mate) who are on there in my age group. It's obvious that most of the men didn't read my profile. Also, when you do meet someone and exchange emails, he usually is headed out of town and will get back to you when he gets back. Drop him! If you do take the time to reply to someone, and you feel there's not chemistry, they will usually counter with a less than flattering reply. So that's why I, along with other women, have decided not to reply. Also...what the heck is a "wink?" If you like someone, then just write to them.
—Guest Feathers in the Wind

Match.com Gives You What You Ask For

I think it depends a lot on how you write your profile and what type of photos you put up. If you write with very simple vocabulary and talk about kissing, cuddling, long drives, or use words like "classy", you will attract a lower level candidate. If you don't list many interests do not expect to get many reponses from interesting people. If you don't want to meet a "biker-type" do not post your picture on a Harley. If you want someone who can dress nicely to go to the theatre, do not put up the photo of you holding your big fish.
—Guest horseintheclouds

My Match.com Experience

First, I wanted to comment on what Cedarburghome wrote. I think what you experienced, in terms of receiving no replies, was that some members do not pay for the service and can only view and wink. They aren't able to email, but you are correct that it is rude. I'm a female and my Match.com experience made me feel really uncomfortable. Besides having my photo blazing on the internet, the responses I got from men were out of control. Most were from men who obviously didn't read my profile because we were not matches at all. Some responses made me feel really uncomfortable, like I could be the next victim of a serial killer. Most men on there are just prowling for the next best thing. Most of the responses I got were from men who were also utilizing multiple dating sites and spending way too much time online. After I made what I felt was a connection, I wound up removing it because he was still cruising online even though he gave me the indication he was very interested in me.

Disappointed With Match.com

Match.com has a lot of potential. However, I was disappointed with the way other members ignored my emails, and I do not plan to re-subscribe. What I found was that a lot of the participants were bossy about what they expected us men to say and do. For example, "Be honest," "Don't play games," "Be sincere," "Use recent photos," and "Respond promptly." However, I sent about ten emails to women in my area that I thought were interesting, and I received no responses. Sometimes I even emailed them a second time to make sure that the emails were received, or I would reiterate my interest in that person. I thought this was very rude, and decided not to be involved with the service once my subscription expires. I've heard that it worked for some people, but it just did not work for me. The biggest turn-off was the lack of response. I also found it a bit odd that so many people had such strict criteria of what they expected from others.
—Guest Cedarburghome

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