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Readers Respond: Share Your Experiences Using eHarmony For Online Dating

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Potential users of eHarmony want to know whether the service is worth the money, or whether it's a just a waste of time. If you've used eHarmony, take a moment to share your experiences with our readers.

Please Note: The opinions expressed on this page represent individual user's personal experiences, and are not necessarily representative of the views of the About.com Guide to Single Parents. If you have had a different experience with this company, either positive or negative, please share your thoughts with us by completing the form below.

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Kick me when I'm down

If it's not bad enough to be alone on the holidays... After eHarmony I am also broke! Problem with user interface...
—Guest sarathelonely

eHarmony Scandals

I signed up for eHarmony for a one year price and in the first three months they kept resending me people I had blocked. So I emailed and asked why this was happening and of course received no response. But the bottom line was when they sent me a match to a man who wanted to wear diapers and be breastfed, I called and asked for a refund as they were not following through with the screening and services they offered to lure me to their site. They then sent me a reply saying they would credit my account for $6 and reduced my membership to three months and in the same day they took another payment of $50 dollars off my credit card. So basically there was n, "Sorry, how can we make this better?" Instead I was kicked off the site 8 months earlier and still charged the rate for a year, and I was told it was a final decision. I'm not sure why I am being punished for their errors. But I will never recommend this site to anyone after this awful experience. I feel totally ripped off!
—Guest LM


Met somebody - early days but wanted to hide profile in hope - eharmony won't let you - or give a reason why not. Only way to get off site is to close membership completely forfeiting any remaining membership period fee. And they won't give you an answer why this obviously needed facility is not available.
—Guest wiltsboy

It's a scam. Do not give them your info.

I signed up, answered all the questions. I was sent an email with a 'match' that allowed me to choose some ice-breaker questions to send. I sent the questions and was then directed to the membership page. All the subscriptions required long commitments, charging up-front fees of hundreds of dollars. I decided to put it on the back-burner and then later that day received an email that said, "Based on recent review of your account information and activity, eHarmony has made the decision to close your account. We do not disclose the specific reason for our decision.... If you have purchased a subscription and we have confirmed that a Terms and Conditions violation has occurred, your subscription dues may have been forfeited." Could you have imagined if I had paid hundreds of dollars by that time?!? No explanation - they'll just take your money, close your account and tell you to go screw yourself. Wow. Unbelievable.
—Guest Was Genuinely Interested

eHarmony Stinks

Every time I try to delete my account and tell them to stop, I can not. And to call, I am sorry, you have to wait the three months and pay one more time. I want it to stop! And i sent so many e-mails, its not funny and it's all bull. They do not get back to you and let you talk to them, so I am going on twitter and more to try to get a response.


All you find are scammers who are not too bright, they forget what they even wrote on their profile. It would be amusing if it wasn't so expensive. For their price I expected a more individualized service. People are not required to complete their questionnaire therefore the matches are not really matches. I tried to contact them and let them know about some of the scams that I encountered and nobody would even respond to my communication. Terrible service (if you can call it service).
—Guest lourdita98

Forget eHarmony

Playing match maker is the last thing on eHarmony's mind. They are only interested in getting paid. I didn't sign up for an automatic renewal for a reason! Clearly that wasn't good enough and they took it upon themselves to sign me up for autoenroll even though that wasn't the agreement I paid for. Now, the customer service number 1 (800) 951-6546 is telling me they are not the right department to help with a refund. I now have to submit a claim and speak to a different department via email and if they want to they will get back to me with a phone call. If they decide to refund me the money I didn't want to pay a second time it will take up to 10 days to respond to me. Do not use eHarmony It was a waste of time and money!!!
—Guest F eHarmony

Aweful Experience

What a lot of nonsense this whole experience has been!!! As a gorgeous woman, 34 with a great career and a Masters, I believed that I will be able to attract like minded people, however that has not been the case. It is extremely expensive compared to other dating sites, yet does not provide you with what you are actually looking for. I have received a few emails from people who claim they are 36, 38, who you clearly can see they are around 50, what a lot of BS! I won't recommend this website and I won't use it ever again. I am truly disapointed....
—Guest Canly

Ghost Town

Tried eHarmony for 6 months, and recently again for another 4. In 10 months total, only about 5 matches have ever gone past that stage 1 communication thing. 99% of all the people on that site will never reply. I ended up on a grand total of 2 first dates, one with someone who was already in a relationship, and the other with someone who was moving across the country with her job next month. It was a huge waste of both time and money.
—Guest Dan

Great Experience

eHarmony is a great site for true Christians. Over the course of several months, have received hundreds of matches. Although I have yet to be matched with God's mate for me, the site has helped me wade thru dating process without face to face contact. I can't afford to subscribe, so I just wait for the free weekends. Have made some great email friends. It's been a blessing!
—Guest Londie

Don't Waste Your Money And Time

eHarmony it just a big lie. I get in one week more than 30 Matches but its just a business . No respond.
—Guest Khaled

First Time User

I have only just joined eHarmony and have so far found it useless. As I live in the depths of the countryside I have found it very difficult to trawl through the long list of matches 660 in all.To find someone who lives locally. I have scanned for new matches with very few requirements and nothing comes up. What a waste of space!

eHarmony Unfortunate Mistake

I tried it with the help of my girlfriends. Found one guy instantly and we immediately hit it off. Went through the whole eHarmony song and dance of questions, likes/dislikes, then eHarmony mail. Finally started talking, texting, emailing on our own. He sent me pics of him and texted me within 5 minutes of us sharing our numbers. He texted all the time, very intimate, personal texts (should have been first hint to put on the brakes). We went out twice, had a great time, connected. He was even wanting me to go out of town with him! Then all of a sudden it was over. He was done because we "didn't fit". Told me not to take it personally "because it's really about what works for him". A sad, selfish, narcisist! He has been divorced 10 yrs. (no surprise there) and obviously uses eH for his selfish needs. I wish I had NEVER signed up on eH because while I'd like to have a partner in my life, mtg him was a mistake that I seriously regret! My trust was compromised. I'm fine, but no more eH!
—Guest Jen in Jersey

It's A Scam

Everyday I get a new match. Everyone of them has no photo. Eventually some post photos. Sometimes I get one with a photo. This site is mostly a waste. It give females free memberships a d allows them to be matched without posting a photo. For some reason eHarmony feels they have met such obligations to their paying customers when they deliver matches without photos and incomplete profiles. This site is mostly a scam for males.
—Guest DF

Second Times The Charm

Joined the first time a few years ago and had a couple matches but nothing really clicked. Quit after my 3 months were up. Rejoined last year,and was matched with the love of my life.
—Guest Guest2

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Share Your Experiences Using eHarmony For Online Dating

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