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Readers Respond: Share Your Experiences Using eHarmony For Online Dating

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Potential users of eHarmony want to know whether the service is worth the money, or whether it's a just a waste of time. If you've used eHarmony, take a moment to share your experiences with our readers.

Please Note: The opinions expressed on this page represent individual user's personal experiences, and are not necessarily representative of the views of the About.com Guide to Single Parents. If you have had a different experience with this company, either positive or negative, please share your thoughts with us by completing the form below.

My eHarmony Experience

I stopped using them when they were sending me only one to three matches to browse each month. At that rate, it's certainly not worth the cost! They told me if I expanded my criteria to include smokers, I would have more matches. Not acceptable!
—Guest BamBam

Horrible Experience

It was a massive, complete waste of time and money. I paid for three months and received no responses. I'm a very good looking, intelligent, long time-single, and I'm even more financially secure now than I was then. I had a very good career with a very successful, prestigious company. I'm 42 years old now,, but back then I was about 35, and still I could not get one single reasonable match or date from that site in three months' time - even with a lot of work put into my profile and pics, too. I will never use them again!
—Guest Sir.Kalin

eHarmony is a Beating

While eHarmony provides me with around 30 matches a week, one-third of them don't have pictures, and another one-third don't interest me at all. Of the last ten I may - after careful consideration - attempt communication. As it stands, in a typical month I may get one reply. Following this I've found that out of a total of six matches (roughly one per month of membership) three were still "technically" married, which in my mind means married. Two were flakes, and the only one that I truly connected with ended things amicably enough when her long lost high school sweetheart decided to look her up. Summary: eHarmony is a beating...unless you just want to hook up with a "technically" married woman who is essentially just looking for any man willing to validate her existence. If that's you're cup of tea, then sign up. Otherwise, you will just waste time and money.
—Guest I'm done

Expensive for No Service

eHarmony is a lazy person's dating website. You are unable to search for possible matches, so if their matching system does not feel you are compatible with someone, they simply do not send you any matches, but they are more than happy to continue to charge you $40 a month, even though they are not providing a service. There is an element of attraction and physical compatibility that is missing from eHarmony's supposed matching service. Beware, as well, of their auto-renewal. You have to remember to cancel PRIOR to the last day. Also, if you choose to cancel, you lose your money. They do no provide refunds!

Watch Out for eHarmony's Auto Renewal

eHarmony did provide a good dating service but when it comes to legal issues, subscriptions, and customer service they make these issues confusing and difficult to access on their website. My subscription of six months came to an end and it was automatically renewed for another six months without my consent at the time of renewal. I ended up finding the customer service phone number on my Visa statement (because it was faster then finding it on their website). When I contacted the first customer service representative by phone, they were not very helpful in refunding the automatic re-subscription charge and told me that they were unable to do anything regarding the automatic renewal and that it could not be canceled, even though the unauthorized transaction took place approximately five hours prior to my call. The customer service representative then finally offered me a half refund of the amount charged, and with further discussion they switched the sixth month automatic renewal to a one month renewal.
—Guest Canadian Country Boy


A total waste of time and money! I have been a member for approximately 3 years. The people that I am matched with do not have the courtesy to respond in a timely manner. The majority live farther that 40 miles from me in Los Angeles, they lie about their age, and worst of all - they are inconsiderate! The bottom line is, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY SIGNING UP WITH THIS E-dis Harmony site. You are better off meeting someone at work, in a social setting, or through an introduction from a friend.

Negative Billing

I dislike the negative billing system with this company. I thought I had discontinued my subscription only to find another billing on my credit card.
—Guest jbenamel

Don't Waste Your Time or Money

I paid for a year of eHarmony with the hopes that I would find the right woman for me. I am a young professional with a great career, and I'm very upbeat. I tried to contact several people, but after finding that most matches are non-paying members, I lost interest. I would not recommend this site to anyone. It is a complete waste of money. It's a year later, and not one date!
—Guest JB

eHarmony Discordant

I'm very tired of eHarmony. I'm discouraged because no one ever nudges me -- it's all up to me to do the nudging. Don't they send my profile out to men? Do you mean to tell me, in all this time, not ONE man has asked to communicate with me? I'm an intelligent, attractive college professor -- my picture on eHarmony is wonderful -- I don't get it. Is it my age (61)? I'm just so disappointed in this!
—Guest Barbarellasteve

eHarmony Has Been a Big Disappointment

Another little trick eHarmony likes to throw into the mix is "Flexible Matching." They match people with someone who is somewhat compatible with you. I was flexibly matched with two men who drank "several times a week." Communicating with them via the internet communication was alright. However talking them over the phone was another matter. They both turned out to be alcoholics. When I spoke to these men via the phone, they both called me very drunk. One kept asking me what I wearing, and the other used the filthiest language and talked incessantly about another woman he wished he could be with. I've really been burned by eHarmony and am not renewing my subscription.
—Guest Guest PE in CA

there's no on-line tech support

I was trying to fill out the online form for a free weekend, but one page wouldn't "take" & kept circling back to itself. There is no help for me to be able to complete the form. After several tries, I finally gave up, and I won't try again.
—Guest Madge

2 eHarmony Success Stories

I went out with two people I met on eHarmony. The first guy, no spark. The second guy is the man I'm going to marry. We were inseparable from the very first date. We've been together for two years now and are getting married in Nov. 2010. My friend that pushed me to sign up for a three month membership two years ago is also still with her boyfriend, who she had also met on eHarmony. I'm not saying it works for everyone, but it isn't a bad way to meet people who are serious about getting into a real relationship.
—Guest Rebecca

I Found My Husband on eHarmony

I did not pay for a membership, and this guy kept "nudging" me. I paid for one month just to answer him. At first, it didn't seem like we were a match at all. Several dates taught me differently. Two years later, in August 2008, I married him. Things are still going strong. He loves my children and I love his youngest and have a decent relationship with his two older and out of the house children. Though I am now raising FOUR teenagers, if you are seriously marriage minded, this is the site for you. I communicated with others during that month, and all were seriously marriage minded. I guess it's how you fill out those long questionairres. Good luck!

I'll Never Use eHarmony Again

I got lured in during one of their free weekends. I paid for a month based on the few choices I got during the free period. Then it all went downhill. My selections were both physically and intellectually unappealing. We went through the questions and eventually I got to a couple of phone calls. I really thought I was connecting with one, but I do believe he was probably still married because we talked for a couple of days and then he was gone. There was another who kept asking for more pictures!! That was very strange. Then there was another who several months after I ended my membership was flagged as being guilty of "suspicious behavior." What? That was the one guy I was truly attracted to and we kind of hit it off. Never again...I'm trying Spark.com. I like their platform better. I haven't spent my money, but once I connect with someone I think I'll have chemistry with, I will sign up. eHarmony has too many hoops to jump through to get to the terrible selections.
—Guest Not Good

Complaint About eHarmony

I wasn't convinced about 'dating' or 'relationship' sites to begin with, and I feel even less so now. I met up with one person. I couldn't believe the difference from the photos! She had suffered from an abusive husband, yet she claimed to be unharmed. I am still trying to help her. It's not easy, but worth pursuing. Wish me luck.......
—Guest Name witheld, Scotland.

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