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Readers Respond: How Do You Include Your Ex In Your Kids' Lives

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Coparenting relationships can be tricky. Find out how other single parents have successfully invited the other parent to be more involved in their kids' lives with these real-life single parent tips:

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Use Text Messaging to Share Events

My husband's ex is very generous about text messaging photos when there's a special event in their daughter's life. It makes a huge difference in making him feel a part of his child's life when he lives hundreds of miles away. I am always very impressed with her class and maturity.
—Guest MdMomof3

Spontaneous Invitation

I'm not always up for it, but when I can, I spontaneously invite my ex to stay for dinner. The kids really seem to enjoy it, although I have to admit that it's hard for me sometimes.
—Guest Shellie Barston

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