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Readers Respond: How Do You Make Living With Parents in a Multi-Generational Household Work?

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As a single parent, it's not easy to go back to living with parents. Yet, in today's economy, moving back home can mean the difference between getting by and being homeless. If you've been living with your mom or dad for a while now, take a moment to share your best tips with our readers for how to make living in a multi-generational household work for everyone. Share Your Suggestions


I can't lie in bed late. I'm up at 4 am to use the bathroom and kitchen before the rest of them get up. Every day it's a different story, but I do the best I can because I can't afford the high rent.
—Guest Camille

Set Boundries

Living with your parent(s) is difficult, living with your parent(s) while being a single and raising your child(ren) is extremely trying, at times. To avoid any unnecessary problematic situations, sit down with your parent(s) and discuss responsibilities of all household members. Be sure to include everything from who takes out the garbage to paying bills, etc. Having this discussion with your parent(s) saves everyone from the headache of who was supposed to do what around the house.

A Stressful Situation

I found this topic while looking up information on how to solve my own problems. It is extremely stressful trying to raise a child while living at home with my parents. After graduating college, jobs were not on abundance, and the pay for those that were hiring wasn't much -- hence, my current situation. I just feel like most times I have no alone time, and sometimes other adults living in the home can interfere/cross lines when it comes to the rearing of my child. To make matters worse, it is also an EXTREMELY small home, so there's never any privacy or quiet time. It's just stressful all around!
—Guest Shawn

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How Do You Make Living With Parents in a Multi-Generational Household Work?

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