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Readers Respond: What Are Your Favorite Holiday Traditions?

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What are your favorite holiday traditions? Share the things that you do with your kids, year after year, as you celebrate the holidays together.

Jesus' Birthday!

Every year, my kids and I have a birthday cake for Jesus. It has helped them to remember what the day is all about.
—Guest Tricia

My Favorite Christmas Traditions

Every Christmas, my daughter's grandmother would give her new PJ's for Christmas Eve. My husband and I have continued the tradition with our three granddaughters, who enjoy clothes and love the ceremony of finding the presents under the tree marked "Dec 24th." It gives a sense of continuity for all of us, and I dare say, it will be passed on. Oh yes, and the cup of tea is always the reminder of loving relatives who've passed on but are far from forgotten.
—Guest Jan

We Go Window Shopping Downtown

There's an area downtown that the kids and I go to each year, in December. We check out the tree lights and then window shop. It's a fun way to get into the holiday spirit.
—Guest Hanna T.

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