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Readers Respond: How Do You Make the Time for Dating as a Single Parent?

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It can be hard to fit dating into your busy schedule, and yet, having a vibrant social life can also be an important part of your self-care as a single parent. So how do you do it? How do you make the time for dating as a single mom or dad? Share your best single parent dating tips with our readers by filling out the form below. Share Your Tips

Single Parents Dating

I want to have tips on how to cope in this affair ,we are both single parents am the female one in this affair . He hold a higher post at his work than me.
—Guest Margaret

Team Up!

Connect with other parents (single or married) and friends as child-care resources. I've taken care of their children while they date, and vice-versa. Plus, it's playtime for the children when they get together!
—Guest Carol

Find the Time to Date

My best advice for dating would be to incorporate the date into things you have to do anyway, such as going to the laundry mat together, working out, or going to the grocery store. Thiis will at least help you get to know the person.
—Guest Jordan

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How Do You Make the Time for Dating as a Single Parent?

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