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Readers Respond: How to Live With Your Ex While Planning a Divorce

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  • Many couples are now finding that they must continue living together, at least for a while, because they can't afford to get a divorce. But figuring out how to live with your ex isn't easy. If you've been in this situation, take a moment to share your experience with our readers. Specifically, we're looking for:
    • Tips on how to live with your ex
    • How much to tell the kids
    • How to make the situation livable
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    Stuck with a Jerk

    My best friend is stuck living with her abusive ex while he continues to belittle her in front of their children and in public. He also flaunts his new dates in front of her and the kids. Meanwhile, she is more isolated from her friends and family than she was during the marriage. She foolishly agreed to mediation, so of course she got screwed and he is custodial parent. She will not leave without her girls and he knows this and has her just where he wants her. So now what???
    —Guest arc8iablue

    Best of a Sad Situation

    Be civil, share chores, and save for the day when I or the other finally says goodbye for good. Meantime ex-sex can be underrated.

    A Lawyer's Ploy

    My ex continued to live at our home for six months after serving me with papers despite the fact that he owned another home. His lawyer advised him that it would be bad for "the settlement" if he moved out, so they maintained that the other house was not fit to live in (which was a lie; he moved into it the day we signed an agreement). Meanwhile, I had to deal with the horrible emotions of knowing that he was leaving me for another woman. It was horrible not just for me, but also for the kids who had to witness the whole thing. Meanwhile, I was living with a man whose attorney was playing as ugly and dirty as possible because he had committed adultery and was trying to shift the blame. This situation does not always happen because of money, it also happens because slimy lawyers and their clients use it as a tactic to put pressure on the opposing party who wants them to move out and can't get them out until the divorce is final.
    —Guest anon

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    How to Live With Your Ex While Planning a Divorce

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