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Reader Submissions: A Selection of Single Parent Blogs


There are many single parent bloggers out there who not only share their lives with us online, but who also challenge us to think about solo parenting in new ways. Read about some of them here:

Parenting and Dating Blog

The stories I write are 100% true, but the names of individuals I include in my entries have been changed. If changing the name of the individual may still lead to confidentiality being compromised, …More

Bachelor Mum Blog

My topics are positive and based on solutions using tips, schemes, and programs ... anything that helps single parents, particularly mums, to make life better for themselves and ultimately for their …More

Solo Talk: A Voice for the Single Parent

My choice of topics is based on what friends and my network tell me they want to know, either by general discussions or coming to me for advice, and so on. Personally, I have found it difficult to fi…More

Single Parent Alliance Blog

Government Assistance - Financial assistance programs are available from all levels of the government, as well as private organizations Housing Aid - Guidance in buying or renting a home, finding a r…More

It's All About Balance

I write about what I've struggled with, and how I've dealt with it. I'm passionate about education, and about not letting single parenthood be a bad word. The ex used to be a bigger player in the blo…More

The Pepperrific Life

I try not to be too personal with my topics, although they do relate to my everyday life as a single mom trying to date and raise my kid at the same time. Sometimes, I try to build on topics from pos…More

Two Chicks and a Hen Blog for Single Moms

I generally talk about the positive, and when I do explore difficulties, they are never, ever in reference to my divorce. For my own privacy and for my children's sake, I have chosen to leave that ty…More

Without You Blog for Single Moms

I put everything in the blogs, since the blogs listen to you and I don't anybody to pour it out to, and nobody wants to listen to sad stories. My husband passed away almost 3 years ago. I was depress…More

Single Sassy Mom

I started blogging a little over three years ago. I decided to make that blog private and make it my family journal and started a new blog about the challenges of being a single parent (although some…More

A Single Mother's Journal

I've given all the characters in my life nicknames for privacy and so that I'm not sharing too much. I do worry that the ex will read the blog, but then he knew about my old blog and he knows how blo…More

Ready or Not ....

Sometimes I write about my struggles with my own child. Sometimes I write about my struggles with other peoples children - also known as my class. Most of the time, though I have something funny that…More

Working Berlin Mum

If I make too much effort to choose my topics then the post really doesn't flow, so I pretty much use whatever springs into my head that given day. I tend not to write too much detail about others an…More

Working Single Mum

I write about whatever is most on my mind at the time. I also write a little bit about other people, including the father or my son, but nothing is written about others that I wouldn't be prepared to…More

In Search of the Perfect Triangle

I don't choose my topics. They choose me and, for the most part, the posts write themselves. I just do the editing afterwards. It sounds odd, but it really is the case. I can't write on demand.I thin…More

My Upside Down Life

I don't spend much time worrying about my ex reading my blog. I create my blog based on feelings and experiences I had throughout the week. As a father in a broken home situation, I understand the ch…More

Single Mom Blog About Traveling the World With a Nine-Year-Old

I write about what we experience on the road, with an eye for local colour, funny stories and insights, and the highs and lows of travel as a single parent, single child family. Where I'm writing ab…More

Single Mom - Single Mom Rich Mom Blog

Topics revolve around general money decisions that we all have to make. I don't worry about the opinion of others - life is too short for that.There's probably a startling amount of transparency on m…More

Single Moms - Blog at Single Moms Indiana

I really try not to reveal too much on my blog. I have seen people go too far on social networking sites and really regret it. However, I also want people to get a feel for my life. Some things that …More

Christina's "SoloMother" Blog on Blisstree.com

Writing publicly about a personal journey is a constant balancing act. I try to respect the fact that there are at least two sides to every story, and I'm not anti-single dads, marriage, or relations…More

Issa's "Single Mama NYC" Blog

I write about pretty much everything. I worry less about my ex reading my blog than I do about my son reading it one day. It is important for me to be sincere though, so I write honestly but make sur…More

Erin's "Single Mom REVEALED" Blog

I usually post several times per week, and my topics are whatever I'm going through or thinking about at the moment. My blog is personal - it is a glimpse into my life. I try to filter appropriately,…More

Single Mom Blog at "SOLO dot MOM"

From my personal journey, I choose topics to discuss. This year I developed 12 monthly missions which will guide my blog each month, but I don't feel too tightly bound to it.I live my life as an open…More

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