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Reader Stories: What Was Most Frustrating About Your Family Court Experience?


Family court is a scary place for parents who fear losing custody of their children. Below, our readers have shared their own family court frustrations, in an effort to help other moms and dads who are going through the same thing.

They Gave Child Custody to the Abuser!

I have no criminal record. I've never had any mental health problems. Every time I have been pulled into court, with over 390 filings by their side since 2007, the father has won more and more custod…More

Single Mom Wants to Relocate

Court will be in August of this year. I'm hoping for permission to relocate and full legal custody. I hope nothing goes wrong and everything works out in my favor. I never really wanted to take him a…More

My Family Court Experience

When we went to court the judge said because I wasn't from that town and that that was a problem. He said he knew my ex's dad and because he knew her father, that he knew they where good people and I…More

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