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Single Mothers Outreach

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Single Mothers Outreach has created a comprehensive program strategy organized around four “Pillars of Success.”

  1. Case Management - An initial intake assessment guides agency efforts to provide advocacy and resources on an individualized basis. On-going case management provides links to vital resources and support to help parents move forward towards their goal of self-sufficiency.

  2. Single Parent Resource Guide - This continually updated publication contains helpful community resources in a variety of areas, such as childcare, food, clothing, legal, housing, financial assistance, etc.

  3. “Shop the Closet” – Every other month our families may help themselves to gently used clothing generously donated by our community. In addition, the closet is opened annually in August to distribute back-to-school supplies donated by the community.

  4. SMO Online Support Group - For single parents living in the Santa Clarita Valley, it helps them connect, support, network, share resources, and encourage one another. Generous donations of large items such as cars, major appliances, computers, and furniture are communicated and distributed through this program.

  5. Financial Literacy Training - Single Mothers Outreach offers Financial Peace University, a successful 13-week course taught by nationally syndicated radio talk show host and New York bestselling author Dave Ramsey.

  6. Technology and Career Development Center - Plans are underway to provide computer classes, home based technology and business training, career coaching, etc.

  7. Life Skills Workshops - Professionals teach classes on topics such as personal finance, healthy relationships, career and education, family law, and health and wellness. These workshops are provided monthly.

  8. Educational Subsidies - Financial support is provided to subsidize computers, supplement housing, childcare expenses, transportation costs, books and lab fees while single parents are enrolled in school. The goal of this aid is to lower the risk of drop-out due to financial pressures and to provide the necessary tools for success.

  9. Special Events - Rewards-based events to celebrate parents who are motivated and show evidence they are working hard to move their families forward. Participation in INSPIRE events are earned one of three ways: (1) Carrying six units in college or enrolled in a trade school; (2) Attending two GROW workshops annually; or (3) New clients (under 12 months.)


  • Considering life expectancies, most of your life will be lived with ADULT children. These years, while very demanding, do pass quickly.
  • Some of the best adults we know came from single parent homes, so we know it can be done well!
  • While you may not be able to give your children all the material things they want; you can give them what they need most to be successful in life: good character.
  • Strive for that and they will respect and honor you.

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