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Rules for My 8-Year-Old

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The ages of my kids:


My house rules are:

Do your schoolwork

Take out the garbage/recycling

Clean up your clothes and shoes around the house

Unload the dishwasher

Go to bed on time

Be active and play sports

Free time toward the end of each evening is saved fro after all other responsibilities others are complete

Typical consequences for breaking my house rules:

Try to relate the consequence to the broker rule. For example, for incomplete homework, that time then get taken from his free time until its finished. For taking out the garbage/recycling, if he does not do this by the time the collection takes place, he gets assigned another chore. He also has to pay us back on of his "chore" bucks, because he needs to pay the person who has to do his chore. For not going to be on time, the following night he needs to go to bed earlier, as he will be tired the next day.


  • We are just starting this program, but we've have seen results already
  • You won't see everything change right away. In baby steps, I'm seeing things coming into place.
  • I think I will be well worth sticking with this plan and making alterations as needed.
  • Capitalize on the rules that work, and re-engineer the ones that don't.

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