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My House Rules for a 6-Year-Old and a 13-Year-Old

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By Ffion

The ages of my kids:

I have two children. My oldest is 13, and my youngest is 6.

My house rules are:

  1. Don't run in the house.

  2. Behave at all times.

  3. Eat at the table.

  4. All drinks are to be put somewhere safe (i.e the kitchen or dining room table).

  5. Do not cut across when other people are talking.

  6. Always say please and thank you.

  7. Listen to your parents at all times.

  8. Put your toys away when you're finished playing with them.

  9. Obey these rules or there will be a punishment (i.e. grounded/naughty step).

  10. Do not hit or shout at all.

Typical consequences for breaking my house rules:

  1. First offense, they're grounded for a week. If the child breaks the rule again, then that child will be grounded for two weeks, and so on, for the oldest.

  2. Go on the naughty step (a minute for her age; i.e 6 = 6 minutes).

  3. Go to bed 30 minutes or one hour earlier.

  4. No chocolate, sweets etc. to be had for two days.

  5. All the privileged items in their rooms are taken out (i.e., Nintendo, TV, mobile phone, make-up, etc.)

The consequence I found best was when I grounded my 13-year-old. She doesn't misbehave much anymore. Also, I find that taking all privileges away is good as well because my teen loves her mobile phone and her make-up, so she doesn't misbehave.

With my 6-year-old I feel the no chocolates, sweets, etc. consequence works well because she is a chocoholic. The naughty step works, too!


  • Talk to them in a clear way.

  • Make sure you give them set times to eat food, as well as times for going to bed and waking up.

  • Make sure that they apologize to you for misbehaving.

  • Make sure they know the consequences.

  • Ask them to tell you all the rules so you now that they know the rules.

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