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Reader Stories: How I Had the Sex Talk With My Kids


The sex talk is one of the most important ongoing conversations you're going to have with your kids. Find out how other parents initiated the sex talk, and what they recommend, with these sex talk tips.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

It was very natural and I made it matter of fact. I only answered the questions she asked and kept it at her level. I let her know that she could ask me anything, any time. She took it in stride and …More

Use Teachable Moments to Talk About Sex

The show was not explicit. It implied the affair but did not show anything, so I can see where he missed that part, but that his mind would leap to such a wrong conclusion about a way pregnancy could…More

What I Learned From Having the Sex Talk

Beleive it or not, it is really easy once you let them know that you are just as uncomfortable having the sex talk as they about listening and asking questions. He has asked some very important and e…More

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